October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Goo and Editing: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Last night, my neighborhood had a Halloween parade and get-together. After, it was pumpkin carving time. Dad did most of the carving, but the girls cleaned out the pumpkins. Grimaces and shrieks followed, with icky pumpkin goo clinging to their fingers.

With trepidation, each girl plunged a hand into a pumpkin. The more innards they pulled out, the less they cared about any grossness. They were having fun.

The finished products:

You know you love writing when everything relates back to it. All I kept thinking as I saw them pull out stringy, orange goo... editing. The joy on their faces when all the editing gross stuff was done... priceless. In the end, the finished work was all the mattered.

I enjoy editing, but it's a lengthy, arduous process. Still, without it, a good book isn't possible. Mom and I spent over a year editing Depression Cookies, pulling out handfuls of goo. In the end, we proudly hold up our book and smile.

One more picture. My girls as Athena (goddess of wisdom and war), a vampire princess, and a dark angel:

What's your favorite part of Halloween?


MommaSachs said...

Great looking pumpkins! Use an ice cream scoop to help clean them out faster! I learned that tid bit of info last year. Happy Halloween!

Tia Bach said...

Great idea... Mom will use an ice cream scoop next time, but I think I enjoy seeing the kids put their hands in too much to let them in on the secret.

Does that make me bad? ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!