October 5, 2011

After-Party Update, Feeling the Love

What a wonderful group! I feel so honored to be part of ROW 80. It's late, and I've enjoyed the partying, but still wanted to post my first update. I will be checking on everyone's first thing tomorrow. Best to comment after the partying effects wear off! ;-)

A quick first update.

Depression Cookies blog: Thanks to the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I'm dedicated to daily posting and ROW 80 parties have made it fun this week. Yeah! Check out my earlier post today for some fun, rocking pictures.

Mom in Love with Fiction: I've already posted twice this week thanks to blog ideas from Should be Reading.

Writing: Mom just emailed me her latest chapter, so tomorrow I start writing. The last two days I made some headway with characters and storyline on my YA book. I'm truly inspired to write right now.

Miscellaneous: Still getting to these, but I have been checking out blogs. Will check out more tomorrow once the party haze is gone.

So stoked about Round 4 starting! I like this idea of partying after the completion of a writing challenge. So much so, I'm considering hosting a book party once I finish my next one.

What events do you celebrate with a party?


Jenny Hansen said...

Had to be the first to comment - thanks for coming to the 1st Iteration of Rockin' The Row!!!

Tia Bach said...

Jenny, Thanks for hosting with Nicole. SO much fun. Can't wait for the next one!

Em said...

I am struggling with the getting around to everyones blogs as there are so many people in this round! Will try my best though!

Glad you have had a positive start and I hope when you start writing your part of the book the words pour from your fingers like coffee from my cup!

Have a great rest of your week.

alberta ross said...

Not much of a party girl as I have a phobia about crowds! but I do celebrate - everything I can!! birthdays, all clears, friend's audition wins, sunny days, and masses of autumn leaves - oh I can celebrate anything:)

Julie Glover said...

Rock the ROW was a great way to celebrate and kick-off the next round! Glad to be in the party crowd here.

Tia Bach said...

Em, Alberta & Julie - You guys rock.

Em, I agree. Lots of linkys this year. Excited to head over and see the first check-ins.

Alberta, You are always such a wonderful spirit!

Julie, Loved kicking off with a party!

Kevin said...

Looks like you are well on your way towards your end-of-year goals. Keep it up. Love the format of your blog as well, very pleasing to the viewer (IMHO). Thanks for visiting mine!


Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Kevin. I'm feeling pumped about my goals, hope it lasts! And I really appreciate you commenting on the blog. Made my day!