October 16, 2011

Pace, Don't Race: ROW 80 Check In

Wow, Sunday already. Time for A Round of Words in 80 Days check in. ROW 80 is the writing challenge that acknowledges you have a life, and life gets in the way of writing from time to time.

My dear husband took my three girls on a Daddy-Daughter pumpkin picking, hayride evening on Saturday night. Do you know what I did? I positioned myself in front of the computer and didn't get up for four hours. I forgot to eat dinner, drink, feed the dog, anything but write. My eyes started blurring near the end. I only stopped when hubby called to say they were almost home. It was 8:00pm, dinner was cereal.

I'm a co-coach for a girls running program at our elementary school. The advice we constantly give the girls... Pace, don't Race! It's good advice for everyone, including writers. I tend to clutter my brain with to-do lists and hectic schedules and race around. I try to squeeze writing into my life in much the same way. I need to find a pace, instead of always bolting out of the gate and running out of steam.

This might be a good time to share a glimpse into my kitchen table/temporary work space:

I'm a bit embarrassed to share this proof of my insanity, but thought you might all appreciate a peek into the abyss.

Today, I'm focusing and rocking a happy dance. My picture was chosen as a finalist in the Rock the Row picture challenge. Please stop by Jenny Hansen's Cowbell blog to vote! Many thanks to Jenny and Nicole Basaraba for their work organizing the Rock the Row Twitter party. So much fun!

My picture:

I must thank my daughters. I rummaged through their dress-up stuff and borrowed my oldest daughter's guitar for the photo.

This week's progress:

Note: I realized this should be coming first since it's my priority. It only took two weeks for this realization to set in!
Results: Outlined first seven chapters of our Depression Cookies follow-up in detail and completed a chapter. Will email to Mom tomorrow. My goal is to write a chapter or two on my YA book while waiting for her response.
Reaction: Score! *insert jamming guitar solo here*

Depression Cookies blog
Results: Still blogging daily. Seeing increased traffic!
Reaction: More jamming guitar.

Mom in Love with Fiction blog
Results: Posted twice. Finished Valhalla review and will publish Tuesday.
Reaction: Still jamming.

Results: Finished Valhalla and almost done with my Rebeccas Reads book, Parallel Lives. Reviews coming soon. Still haven't started a book on the writing craft, but daughters and I sat down and did some journal writing together. Priceless.
Reaction: Music fading, but still rocking.

I hope my ROW 80 friends had a stellar week. Same hopes for my non-writing friends and whatever goals they may have to finish out 2011.

Please check out these amazing ROW 80 writers:


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nicely done using your time to its fullest. You inspire me to use my time more efficiently which is something we all need. Kudo's to you for being such a great example!

Have a great coming week, Tia :)

Yolanda Early said...

Wow. Impressed and inspired. Keep it up!

Angela Wallace said...

Hah, my work space looks a bit like that right now too. I love writing binges sometimes, but agree pacing is better for the long-run. Nice job this week!

alberta ross said...

nice to see a desk/table as messy as mine gives a warm glow feeling - thanks - I quite understand 4 hrs at keyboard and the eral for dinner - been there - done that - all the best for this week

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone. I'm glad my desk isn't the only one that looks like this! I love dedicated writing sessions, but I do think I need to work on pacing.

Love the ROW80 support. Thanks again!

Julie Glover said...

I had just pulled out my camera and taken a picture of my work space too! It's a crazy scene.

We could all work on our pacing!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Julie. I could go around taking pictures of my kids' rooms to make myself feel better about my workspace. ;-)

I always appreciate when you stop by!

Nicole Basaraba said...

I had a similar check in on Sunday. Sorry I stopped by so late...I work by sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap so at least your desk is more professional. :)

You're doing great. Keep Rowing.

Tia Bach said...

Nicole, thanks for stopping by. Funny you say that about the couch... I was working on the couch, but my back started bothering me! ;-)

Jenny Hansen said...

Speaking of pacing myself...I'm just now getting over here to tell you what a great post you have. 4 hours of progress is often as much as I made in an entire week so you should be VERY proud of yourself!

I loved Alberta's comments - yes, my work space has looked like this (and will again I'm sure). :-)

I was so excited to see your pic make the finals...I loved it!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Jenny! I'm still getting around to several Wednesday check-ins and now Sunday ones are filtering in. I was pacing, but clearly not speedy enough, because now I'm racing. ;-)