October 19, 2011

Crazy is My New Normal: ROW 80 Check In

"I wish things would just get back to normal," I'll hear myself say to my husband as we pass each other and split up the kids to make all the events. I need to accept crazy as our new normal and be done with it. Even my writing comes in crazy spurts, rarely under my control.

I posted earlier today about my experience with a Web television interview, one of the highlights in a crazy couple of days. I'm so glad cameras don't follow me around on a regular basis. I don't know how reality stars handle it, even for fame. Fortune, maybe?
I'm taking a brief moment in the eye of the storm to post about my A Round of Words in 80 Days progress:

Results: Did I mention my new normal? I wrote, everything from blog posts to book reviews, but my WIP suffered. I'm having a hard time mentally jumping from the Depression Cookies follow-up to my YA novel.
Reaction: Ugh!

Any advice on switching between projects? I don't want my teenage character in my young adult novel to start sounding like the teenage character in my follow-up.

Depression Cookies blog
Results: Daily blogging.
Reaction: Cruising.

Mom in Love with Fiction blog
Results: Two posts already this week, planning one more.
Reaction: This blog is finally get the attention it deserves, and I'm enjoying it. Finished another Rebeccas Reads book, but decided to wait and start posting those once I can link directly to the review online (there's always a lag).

Results: I cracked open Becoming a Writer.
Reaction: But only cracked open. A few pages in, but it's a start.
Note: Really enjoying visiting and commenting on various ROW 80 updates. An amazing group this round!

Hope everyone is doing well and writing with ease.


Em said...

Is it bad that I like the title 'Crazy is my new normal'?!?!

It does sound like you have your hands full and juggling two projects must be hard.

But you have made progress and that is the important thing. I hope the rest of your week goes really well!

Tia Bach said...

Not at all! It's better we accept it! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Julie Glover said...

It seems like there are a couple of days a week that my WIP suffers because I'm playing catch-up with email, blog, household, errands, etc. It is hard to juggle projects. If you do find that perfect way to switch your brain from one writing to another, share with us! Best wishes, Tia!

Laura said...

Switching between writing projects can be difficlut especially if they're similar. What I do is clearly visualize my character in my mind before I start writing. I think about what they physically look like down to the smallest detail(scars, skin problems, do they bite their nails?...)I know how my character moves, sits, stands, and walks. I even have an idea what their voice would sound like. Having a clear mental image helps me stay true to my characters. Hope that helps. And remember: We may give without loving but we cannot love without giving, and it shows that you love what you do. Hang in there!

Tia Bach said...

Julie, I'll be sure to pass on any tips I learn along the way.

Laura, I think you helped me figure out my problem. I need to dive deeper into my "new" character, because I know Krista so well and she's easier for me. I need to invest some time with "Sherry" (yes, from Steve Perry! I so age myself with each new book!).

I so appreciate the community and support of my writer friends!