October 9, 2011

Finding my Rhythm: ROW 80 Check In

Setting goals, creating to-do lists, and planning... I admit it, I'm Type A. Yet, I've found my best writing comes during unplanned, chaos-free times. With three kids and writing and editing freelance jobs starting to pick up, these moments are hard to come by. I'm trying to have set times of day to work on paid projects and social media while also finding time to work on my two novels. It's a delicate balance, and I must admit I haven't quite found my rhythm.

Plus, I've really missed dedicated reading time. Not only does consistent reading help my writing, it's also something I love to do and a major stress-reliever. One of my priority goals for ROW 80 was to make reading a priority. Again, this requires time.

Finding a rhythm really equates to carving out time into workable chunks. I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.

My progress this week:

Depression Cookies blog
Results: Blogged every day
Reaction: Oh, yeah!

Mom in Love with Fiction blog
Results: Two posts
Reaction: So close. Want to do 3 posts per week. Still, major progress from the attention this blog was getting.

Results: Some research and outlining for my YA novel. Received Mom's chapter and need to write my response. I've been stewing a bit over it, and the words haven't flowed.
Reaction: Reserved. This is where finding my writing rhythm is so important.

Results: So close to finishing Valhalla. A fun, interesting read by one of my Blogathon cohorts, Jennifer Willis. Will review soon.
Reaction: Love making reading a priority again!

Can you plan writing time? Or must you let the muse decide when it's time to write?

I hope my writer friends, especially those participating in ROW 80, are achieving their goals and finding their rhythm. Please check out some great writers below:


Juliana said...

"Can you plan writing time? Or must you let the muse decide when it's time to write?"
IMO, if you are serious about writing you have to do it, no matter what. Even if what you write is crap. Only practice will help you improve it and waiting for the muse to show up or to be on the right mood can take forever.
Published/famous authors write with or w/o muse. They have deadlines. They can't afford waiting on getting inspired.
And that's what I try to impose to me.

Anonymous said...

I need the muse to get the passion for a story, for the planning stages. Once I have that spark I can generally write on the project during my writing time. It usually takes me 200-300 words to get into the groove if I'm not feeling it when I sit down...and yes, those first few hundred words are usually crap, getting cut in revisions :)

Looks like you had a good week. Good luck for the upcoming one!

Melanie said...

I have to plan writing time or else two weeks will go and I will have only written a page. My life with 3 kids keeps me pretty occupied both physically and mentally, which makes planning time necessary. Planning time also forces me to stop, sit and write.

I love your goals, especially that you're making reading a priority. I've been reading a ton lately due to books I'm reviewing and book clubs I'm in, and it's been such an asset to my writing.

It looks like you had a good first week. Wishing you an even better second one!

Anonymous said...

Despite your lack of time, I think you did fairly well. Keeping up with writing blog posts can be difficult. I know some weeks there are plenty of ideas and others not so much.

Hope you do even better next week!

alberta ross said...

I do need to sort of plan or nothing would get done - nut its never set in stone - maybe I'm more inspired to do something around the actualy writing - but evrything has to be fitted in somewhere

Julie Glover said...

I must plan writing time. I'm still tweaking my schedule, but I primarily dedicate certain days of the week to certain tasks (e.g., all blog posts for the week written and scheduled on Monday). Best wishes finding that rhythm. It isn't always perfect regardless, especially when you're juggling other stuff as well.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks for the encouragement and advice everyone. I think I need to make time. If the muse refuses to cooperate, I can still outline and plot, so never wasted.

Hope everyone's having a good writing week!