October 11, 2011

When You Are Young: Tub-Full Tuesday

Mom stops by to share for our Tub-Full Tuesday feature. Enjoy!


When you are young, you never think you resemble anyone but your divine self. You cringe when Aunt Mary declares to the whole family reunion you are the spitting image of Beulah May Greer. From discussions around the table, you know this is not a compliment, at all. You’ve garnered from these tell-alls the woman had a hawk nose, beady eyes, a low narrow forehead, drab hair, and a slight harelip. The more you hear, the more you feel akin to the Hunchback, but as a youngster, you’d much rather be Morticia.
Recently, the idea of favoring family has become precious. As you get older, the sweetness of those imperfections marries you into a unit of generations of people, all different and all unique. I have noted in the last two years, I am favoring my mother more and my dad’s family less. I actually see her when I look into the mirror. I’m honored, although the resemblance is as my mother aged, not in her former beauty. The mirror may be insidious at times, but I am thankful to see my heritage spread deep and wide on my being. Here’s the poem I wrote about this.

Mirror of Fate

Early mornings I stare closely
            at lines
            frown cracks
            brown spots
            broken veins

It refuses to lie even

            in dim light -
            along the
            alar of
            my nose

I pull and stretch

            loose skin
            flappy folds
            crows feet
            pleated lips
            paunchy jaws
            into an

 It continues to mock

            out loud
            until I
            the tension
            and sag
aging face


I hoped this filled your tub today.

What is your favorite part of aging? Least favorite?

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