October 27, 2011

Where I'm From, Part One: Angela Beach Silverthorne (aka Mom)

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One of them, Teaching What is Good, I discovered during May’s Blogathon. I love the blog and the lady behind it. Kate never ceases to amaze me with her dedication, spirit, and love for God and her family.
This summer, Kate featured a lovely post, My I AM FROM Poem. I knew I wanted Mom and I to craft our own version of the poem, but the idea got shuffled around and under stacks of paper until today.

Mom’s going first. Please check back next Thursday for mine, although please keep in mind Mom’s the poet.
Where I'm From

I am from Georgia and North Carolina from Arcadian, French and English descent.
I am from many homes of many different colors each offering their own special flair and uniqueness—hiding places under the stairway, deep pantries spiced with aromas of canned goods, and hanging garlic and yards with delightful tree swings.

I am from the tap root of a Georgia pine, growing deep into the soil, stretching downward, always searching for the key ingredients of a good life.
I am from the era of Rock-n-Roll, drive-in movies, racial unrest, Vietnam, Barbie dolls, bouffant hairdos, and Woodstock from Elvis to Chubby Checker and doing the Watusi to the Monkey.

Antho Greer LeMaire
I am from solid stock and conservative ideology and from women who stood against the wind, going from cotton mill workers to entrepreneurs.
I am from a womb that chose realism over religion, but my faith was gifted and retained.
I am from the family of Maezelle LeMaire Beach and Antho Greer LeMaire, from Curried Shrimp to Depression Cookies, from women who chose strength and versatility before housework and sewing. I’m also from dark edges that crept into the family structure, bending it to a slight off-cue without breaking its structure.

I am from those moments when life turned on itself, but strength of character persevered; character handed down from strong women who held up half the sky half of the time and the whole heavens the rest.  

Where are you from?

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