February 16, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set is LIVE

Finally, it's here... the Tala Prophecy Boxed set is LIVE.


Determination or Weakness
Dreams or Nightmares
Fight or Flight
Life or Death

It will take a combination of choice and Fate to save the world...

Seventeen-year-old Reagan struggles to determine reality from nightmare.

She thought one night changed her life forever, but her fate was written long ago. Destiny may have determined her fate, but she refuses to allow it to define her path.

To defeat evil, she must embrace her role in its destruction and trust in guidance from above.

In doing so, a battle cry emerges: With Faith, We Fight.

Pick up your copy on Amazon today here.

Now, enjoy the trailer...


I've saved the last character highlight for release day. Reagan. She is a young lady determined to forge her own path amidst Fate's declaration, through a prophecy, of her end game. Along the way, she meets people who become part of her heart, and they help her grow her faith in herself, in her ability to save the world.

Pick up your copy today. 
Only $2.99 during the initial release. 
It will be $3.99 by the weekend.

February 15, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set : Character Highlight Day 6

Happy Hump Day!

I hope you are having an amazing week and getting excited for the release of the Tala Prophecy boxed set tomorrow.

Today, I wanted to tell you more about Madeleine, one of the fiercest female characters I have written. I adore her. Life has not been kind to her. Actually, it has taken almost everything away. If you want to read more about her, she is featured in the companion novella, Chasing Forgiveness.

It's FREE on all outlets except Amazon (because they haven't caught up yet). 

Pick up your copy today...

February 14, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set: Character Highlight Day 5

Happy Valentine's Day! 

❤️️ I hope something sweet happens in your life today. ❤️️

Today is all about Winona, an important woman in Reagan's life. I'd say exactly who she is, but it's a spoiler if you haven't read the series or read past Chasing Memories, book 1. Suffice it to say, she comes into Reagan's life, and they form an instant bond. A bond that will affect the world and the battle of good versus evil.

Winona was raised in a cave and is super naive to the real world. But she has a heart of gold and will fight with everything she has. Her faith will give Reagan a much-needed source of strength.

February 13, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set: Character Highlight Day 4

Happy Monday! It's time to share another character from my Tala Prophecy series.

And don't forget, the complete series will be available as an ebook boxed set this Thursday, 2/17/17. I'll share links and more information later in the week. There's even a trailer coming your way.

Today, you'll get to know Rowan, the man who captures Reagan's heart during her tough transition into a world she doesn't understand. And he has an intimate knowledge of the evil they will face because it's his brother. 

Rowan is a smoldering but sweet romantic interest, and his strength helps Reagan through.

What is your favorite quality in a leading man?

February 12, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set : Character Highlight Day 3

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

It's Day 3 of sharing character highlights from the upcoming Tala Prophecy series boxed set, which will release Thursday, 2/16/17.

Today is all about Lucent, a vampire who plays on the side that most benefits him, or at least that's what he's always done. Reagan and her pack talk him into supporting their cause, bringing in Heavenly intervention in their efforts to secure his loyalty. Will it be enough?

Do you love not knowing whether a character will be a good or a bad guy in the end?

February 11, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set : Character Highlight Day 2

Happy Saturday.

I'm sharing a character highlight a day until the release of the Tala Prophecy boxed set next Thursday, 2/16/17.

Today is all about Nana, one of my favorite characters in the series. Jackie, affectionately known as Nana, comes into her granddaughter's (Reagan) life at a pivotal moment, and time is running out to teach her everything she needs to know. 

Nana has sacrificed a lot for her family and the world. Will it be enough to ensure victory?

Do you love to fall in love with peripheral characters?

February 10, 2017

Tala Prophecy Boxed Set Coming : Character Highlights

Each day from now until 2/16, I will highlight a quote from a character in my Tala Prophecy series. If you are wondering why, I have news.

Next Thursday, 2/16, I will publish the boxed set, which will include: Chasing Memories, Chasing Shadows, Chasing Destiny, and Chasing Eternity. All for $3.99.

And it'll be FREE on KU. 

So, today is all about Papa. In my mind, he'd be played by Hugh Jackman in the movie version. Just saying. And he's the rock of the shifter community. 

Stay tuned over the next week to get more character quotes and details about the upcoming release.