October 12, 2017

October Frights Blog Hop Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the October Frights Blog Hop. Today, I'm sharing an excerpt from my novella, Bittersweet Vengeance, which is included in Book of Spells, a collection of stories from Christina Benjamin, Katie M John, Patti Larsen, Carlyle Labuschagne, Caroline Gill, Susan Burdorf, and me.

An Excerpt from Bittersweet Vengeance
Tia Silverthorne Bach

“I demand revenge!”

I attempted to stay focused through the young woman’s tale of woe and mistreatment, yet another harrowing story about despair and terrible wrongs. Not too long prior, I’d perch on the edge of my seat, soaking in every last breath of the damned, from those desperate to strike out against the evil that had stolen a piece of their soul. My skin would tingle with anticipation, my heart skipping a beat, as I conjured up inventive ways to exact justice. Righting wrongs became my obsession.

From my own horrific experience came the power to enact justice, to provide the victim some comeuppance. Once a target myself, I’d sworn to fight against the tyranny of abusers.

As the petite blonde spewed out her story—another tale of an insensitive and uncaring man leaving a young woman stripped of her confidence and self-worth—I listened with little more than numbness. I’d heard it all over the years, but my conscience and doubt had crept in, and I’d decided to investigate the claims, no longer motivated solely by emotionally wrought sob stories. I’d seen the underbelly of being judge, jury, and executioner.

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