October 14, 2011

Fans Were Just a Spam Folder Away All this Time: Friday Feature

A quick recap of the personal highlights of my week:

♥ Hair creased from wearing a ponytail so many days in a row.
♥ Makeup routine consists of blush over cheeks and eyes plus eyeliner.
♥ Wardrobe made up entirely of cotton, elastic, and tennis shoes.
♥ Showers rushed, if they happened.
♥ Lunches of Ramen noodles or leftovers, dinners leftovers or pasta.
♥ Social activities involved children with occasional waves to adults picking up children.
♥ Muscles ache from sitting in a chair typing all day.
♥ Ironed twenty patches for my Daisy Troop girls.

So, can I tell you how excited I was to get this email today from a fan:

"I saw you on MySpace and thought you were cute. Can't wait to connect."

SusieQ, whoever you are, you made my day. I needed it. Haven't been called cute in way too long. Let's look past the small detail that I don't have a MySpace account, I needed the support. And thanks for forwarding to all your friends who also contact me with the exact same message.

Even the dog was needy this week. Case in point:

I get it. You are hungry. Just lay in your bed, and your mom will make sure and transfer the "dog food" to your bowl. I'd love a day of nothing but bed and food.

SusieQ, and all your friends, I honor you with our Friday Feature: Favorite Thing I Read This Week and Why. My Spam folder captured your emails and wouldn't let me use the enclosed links, but I'll always wonder what other nice things you might have said about me if we'd connected. It's comforting to know the fans were a spam folder away all this time.


Although it's hard to trump my favorite read this week, please share yours in the comments. Or, feel free to concur with SusieQ and just tell me I'm cute. ;-)


Laura said...

What a funny post, love it!
You're cute!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Laura. I've deleted so many of these emails this week, it seemed time to embrace them and find the funny/positive! ;-)

Julie Glover said...

My favorite read this week was a blog post from aspiring author Demetra Brodsky whose 9 year old had written a letter to publishers pretending to be her agent (http://networkedblogs.com/oaNDT). I'd had a rough day, and it was just the reminder I needed that the support of one's family in this endeavour is priceless. Made me want to hug all of my family fans.

Chloe said...

My favorite spammy thing that happened was I got circled by a guy in Saudi named Mustafa Metwally. His gravatar was complete with Keffiyeh and he was following about 158 other blondish women. What Mustafa thought he and I had in common is beyond me, but I blocked him faster than Muhammad Ali blocked Joe Frasier in the Thrilla from Manila.

Tia Bach said...

Sounds interesting, Julie, I'll check that out.

Chloe, You crack me up!

Thanks for stopping by!

bookworm said...

This reminded me of when I first joined Twitter. One day I came home from work to check my email and found I had 10 new followers. Wow, I thought. But then I saw a common thread - they were all young women with really strange user names, and all of them were tweeting about the same thing - some website they wanted me to visit. It just wasn't as entertaining as email spam. Can't wait for that check from Nigeria!

Tia Bach said...

Amazing, I'm waiting on a check from Nigeria, too. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, Alana.

Anonymous said...

Cotton, elastic, and tennis shoes. You mean there's something else?

Tia Bach said...

Kathy, I've been told there are really amazing women's clothing options, but I'm not sure I believe it. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!