November 1, 2011

November and Writing: No NaNo, but Writing Just the Same

November and writing have become synonymous with National Novel Writing Month or NaNo as it is affectionately called. So many of my brave writer friends are participating this year. I'm not... but in the spirit of things, my November plans:

* I am going to be the best *rah rah, go team go* cheerleader for all the NaNo writers.
* I will write 750 words a day.
* I am blogging daily with NaBloPoMo.

The theme for NaBloPoMo is "Blogging for blogging's sake" and each day there will be a prompt to answer. I will incorporate these answers into my blogs, but may veer off a bit occasionally depending on my mood (and Wednesday/Sunday ROW80 check ins).

Today's prompt:

What is your favorite part of writing?

Cleansing the soul. Putting everything I can into the creation of characters, story, setting. It's a thrill to see a blank page come to life, an entire world created from nothing but words mixed with imagination.

Life hands us so many pathways, and writing is an excellent tool to work through conflict, questions, choices, fears, anxieties, and so many other emotions. A writer can create characters and put them in any situation. I study people all the time to see how they react to things, a people-watcher from an early age. It's amazing what you can figure out by simply observing.

Now, even when I don't write creatively, I journal. Emotions can be easier to deal with on the page, and letting emotions flow through words can ease the burden or worry.

I must admit, I enjoy the editing phase just as much. The initial outpouring of words is exciting, but fine tuning them to say what you really want... priceless.

Whether you blog, journal, or write stories, what's your favorite part of writing?


Unknown said...

We have the same goals for the month, 750 words a day and the role of cheerleader.

My favorite part of writing? That moment of clarity in revision when you find that difficult piece of the puzzle that makes the whole story picture come clear!

Have a great month!

Jess said...

I agree! My favorite part of writing is creating something from nothing. I like making other worlds and changing our own into something crazy!

I'm doing NaNo this year so I'll be looking forward to your cheers!! Good luck in NaBloPoMo!

Anonymous said...

One of the things I enjoy most about creative writing is the way some stories unfold in ways completely other than what I had intended - suddenly the hero is villanous and I'm typing as fast as I can to see what happens next.

Good luck with the daily blogging.

Tia Bach said...


Angelina, well said. The last piece of the puzzle is perfect. So many times it's "almost" there, and that can be harder than the first draft.

Jess, Good luck. I'm with you in spirit! More cheers to come.

Guapola, I love when writing takes over and surprise me, too.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love the writing/blogging community.

Anonymous said...

I opted out of NaNo this year, too. Like you, I want to add to my own practice and have decided to focus more time on writing personal essays. I loved NaNo last year, so it feels kind of weird not to be doing it. That being said, I know it's the right choice for me :).

Tia Bach said...

Liz, glad to know we're both writing... NaNo or not. But it does feel like I'm missing out on a fun party (especially since I am doing the writing). Oh well, 2012!

I've missed you, Liz. Glad you popped by!