November 9, 2011

A Deflated Bat: ROW 80 Check In

My last check in included this quote from Dr. Seuss:

"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see.
Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!"

In a moment of creativity on Monday, I wrote this little diddy with Dr. Seuss still in my head:

Come on, life, throw at me what you will.
My bat is ready and with it my skill.
I will focus on the words and my story to tell.
All of your attempts to stop me, well, they can go to hell.

Bravado followed quickly by defeat and reality. So easy to pump yourself up, another thing entirely to come out swinging.

My ROW80 update

Writing: A lackluster week. My WIPs saw little to no attention. Chaos and life taunted Sunday's strong words with sick kids, mounting tasks, writing work with deadlines, etc. My bat turned to a balloon and quickly deflated. And I didn't have the air to blow it back up.

Don't worry, I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I check in, and move on. Or try to. I plan to kick it, starting tonight. WIPs front and center.

Would love some advice. How do you jumpstart after a slump?

Blogs: Posted daily here and keeping up the pace on Mom in Love with Fiction. Reviewing is behind, but hoping to get two reviews out in the next week.

Miscellaneous: Reading is booming. When I gave into the rundown feeling, probably a bit of the sickness that took my kids out, I sat in bed and read. Keeps the writing brain engaged, so a definite positive.

Exercise: Two of the last three days, so not bad. I cut back on the intensity, but still exercised. And I'm very happy to report... no sugar since last Friday. Yeah. I do think it's contributing to the brain fog and rundown feeling. This, too, shall pass, right?

I've been checking in on my ROW80 friends and NaNoers, but not like I'd like. Striving for more blog visits and comments this week. Hope every one is doing well.


Katy Bennett said...

I've felt like a deflated bat the last couple of days as well but am moving forward again. I think my brain just needed a chance to wind down. Sounds like you're moving forward again, wishing you a productive week.

Kim Switzer said...

Hang in there. Your bat is only deflated, not defeated. :)

When I've been in a slump with my writing, I use writing prompts and a timer. 10-15 minutes of writing anything at all from a prompt or a random sentence or word I pick from a nearby book. Sometimes getting the words flowing on something that doesn't have the weight of a story or other WIP to it helps me then get back to what I want to be writing.

Julie Glover said...

Let me know when you discover the fix! I've had an up-and-down week myself. Not as much progress as I'd like. But I'm still in the game! I'm a baseball fan, so when you figure that a good batting average means getting a hit about 1/3 of the gives a little perspective with that bat.

Lesann Berry said...

When I need a jumpstart, I give myself a treat and write a scene that is really juicy or fun or so ridiculous that I know at the time, it won't even stay in the book...because it gets me back into the groove.

I've also found it can be fun to play with character personalities and write a scene with each of the main role-players doing something completely out of character...

Tough love is the last stage: butt in chair = words on page. ;)

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Katy. My brain often needs a reprieve, too.

Kim, I love the idea of timed writing prompts.

Julie, Thanks for the baseball perspective. You are so right. ;-)

Lesann, Great advice! Everything from the treat to butt in chair. Love it!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

After a slump, I jam to some motivating/positive music, make a plan of attack (one that's achievable) and just go for it. Both feet.

Tia Bach said...

Ryan, Music. I love it. And such good advice. It's go broke or go home with both feet! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.