November 11, 2011

Knock on Wood: 11/11/11

I'm not superstitious, but I'm pragmatic. "I never get sick." Knock on wood. Do I really believe I'm tempting fate if I don't knock on wood? No. Do I do it every single time? Yes.

I don't consider this "a belief not based in reason or knowledge" because I cover my bases. A simple act of knocking on whatever's nearby, which is rarely wood, never hurts. I also bless those who sneeze. Do I think it saves the soul from being forcefully expelled from the body? Now, that's ridiculous. But I still say, "Bless you." It seems the right thing to do. Black cats, ladders, mirrors... they each give me pause but don't induce fear.

Today is 11/11/11. Next year is the dreaded 12/21/12, the end of time as predicted by the Mayans. Do I believe the world will end then? No. Will I be glad to see the date pass with no significant events? Absolutely. The more significant date in 2012 for me, 8/4/12. My 40th birthday.

I also hate those chain letter emails. Send good tidings to 12 people or face a horrible death. A slight exaggeration, but you've all seen the emails. I hate them, because I feel compelled to send it to 12 more people and pass around the anger and silliness. After all, you're wishing them good luck and avoiding laughing in the face of fate. Who came up with this brilliant scheme anyway? Playing on our fears. Sad.

NaBloPoMo suggested making three wishes today for our blog posts. I laugh in the face... oh, who am I kidding? My three wishes:

1. To be able to eat whatever I want, when I want it, without any concern about calories.
2. For people to get along, whether it's politics or my children. If I had to pick, make it my children.
3. Never to stress again. Please gift me with calmness, take away the worries of life. Or, at the very least, an endless supply of delusion should work.

Of course, I wish for peace on earth and good will toward men. I'd also wish for happiness for all those I love. But that seems selfish, too, so it would have to be for everyone.

What would your three wishes be, if the 11/11/11 genie existed? Are you superstitious?


Julie Glover said...

Well, don't send a chain letter to me because I'm that girl who breaks it every time. LOL. I do say bless you, though. Is that superstition or southern hospitality? I don't know.

I like your three wishes. Here are mine: (1) To drink full sugar, full caffeine Coca-Cola with no negative effects to my body; (2) To see my sons grow to become godly, good-hearted, hard-working family men; (3) To get a multi-book contract. Are those selfish? No peace on earth stuff there. I need 10 wishes. I have more stuff I really, really want.

Tia Bach said...

Julie, How could I have possibly forgotten a multi-book contract!?!? Darn... wait, I still have one more chance at 11:11pm. Yeah!! ;-)

Janine said...

I am definitely superstitious - knock on wood, bless you, dont step on cracks or walk under ladders. God help me if a black cat runs in front of me...

Tia Bach said...

Janine, Maybe I'm more superstitious than I think. I step over cracks (as do my children, and it drives me crazy in a store with small tiles!) and even say "Bread and Butter" when an object comes in between me and someone I care about (i.e., walk around a lamp-post).

I also lift my feet off the ground when I drive over a railroad track and hold my breath over a bridge, and I can't even remember why!

I think I just came up with today's post... Thanks!