November 2, 2011

NaNo Cheerleading: ROW 80 Check In

It's important to be up front, I've never been a cheerleader and fear poetry. Still, I want to be the best darned NaNo cheerleader I can. Today's attempts at a NaNo cheer (particularly for my ROW80 friends taking a stab at it):

You're doing great
out of the gate
Hoping words flow
Go Team Go! 

I promise to keep the cheers coming, which may scare some of the poets out there. I'm even planning a little photo surprise involving my sweet girls and some cheerleading outfits. Anything to help my fellow writers.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo... daily blogging in the spirit of National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNo. Seeing so many of my fellow writers excited about writing has been encouraging. I wrote 1500 words on my new young adult novel since Sunday, and I'm excited to get it moving along.

I also spent a couple of hours outlining this new idea, Sherry's Tale. It's a working title, but I'm the lady who named my child right after the ultrasound appointment because she (in all three cases) needed a name. I stuck with those names, but I usually call a book something the whole way through only to title it differently in the end. Depression Cookies was Harbor of Disillusion for many years and our original publisher suggested Angst. Ouch!

For my fellow writers, what's your process for deciding on a title? Readers, how much does a title influence your decision to buy/read a book?

Cheerleading is bringing me a lot of joy, so I hope it's helping the NaNo writers. I look forward to hearing everyone's experiences and seeing what writing projects develop.

I'm reading more and more which always has a positive influence on my writing. I just finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Amazing! Nonfiction is not usually my choice, but Skloot did an incredible job weaving personal stories and science. A must-read. She inspired me to be a better writer. A complete review should be up this week on Mom in Love with Fiction.

Hope everyone is having a good writing week, NaNo or no. I'll be stopping by to check on you with all my Go-Team-Go spirit!


Kristine said...

Thank you for the cheer--I think it's great! :D Awesome job on your goals--sounds like you are moving right along with your WIP, outlining and blogging. As for titles--I am the same way. I start out with one title and then end up with something completely different. I have even already decided to change the title of my NaNo book. As a reader, it's not so much the name that gets me to read the book, but the description on the inside or back cover. Good luck on your goals for the remainder of the week!

Anyes said...

I love a good cheer, Thank you.

Julie Glover said...

Can you do the splits with that cheer? LOL.

As to titles, I recently changed the title to my WIP from The First Time to The Year of Firsts, after reading a writing craft book. I think the latter title is more apt and gives a better overview.

I once picked up a book entirely based on the title (and then the blurb): The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. It was pretty good.

Tia Bach said...

Glad you enjoyed the cheers.

Titles are hard. It has to grab the reader and represent your work in so few words!

Julie, which writing craft book? Might be a good one for me to pick up!

I always appreciate you guys stopping by and leaving comments!

Lena Corazon said...

Fantastic cheer, Tia! All of this support has been fantastic for propelling me along the NaNo journey. :D

I'm really terrible at picking names for novels, though I do like 2 out of 3 of my current WIP titles ("Strange Bedfellows" and "Tell Me No Lies"). My NaNo title, however, kinda makes me cringe: "Path to the Peacock Throne." I want it to be snappier, but at the moment, I feel like I need to focus on writing it, rather than titling it. :p

Tia Bach said...

Lena, Peacock Throne is intriguing, so maybe just shorten it.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad my cheering is helping. I plan to continue and have some fun with it!

Katy Bennett said...

Hey Tia, thanks for dropping by and keep those pom poms shaking. There is something contagious about the row80 spirit.

And titles as a writer, I generally know my title right after that initial idea pops into my head. As a poet, I can struggle to title a piece. As a reader, I wouldn't even look at a book where the title sounds gimmicky.

See you again tomorrow.

Tia Bach said...

Katy, I agree. A gimmick is never good and often easily detected.

Thanks for stopping by. Heading to bed, but will check in on my ROW80 friends tomorrow. Hope you had a good week!