November 15, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt: describe a favorite place. Focus on how that place affects your sense of taste, touch, sight, sound, or smell.

Hands down, my favorite place is Colorado. The first location I ever wanted to call home. The community I lived in, near Boulder, was amazing. Great people, convenient, focused on family fun and sports, little to no traffic… great for families. We loved it. Outside the crazy weather patterns from time to time, I dare say it’s almost perfect.

I never thought snow was beautiful until I saw it topping the Rockies. Never one for the outdoors, Colorado quickly changed my mind. The scenery is breathtaking, aided by sun shining 300 days a year.

Most of the sounds and smells are from people gathering. Neighborhood picnics, sporting events, walking along Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, hearing kids play. Rarely were we inside. Even something as simple as a stroll to school took on new meaning, and every day there I gained appreciation for nature and beauty.

Colorado will now be our home away from home, but a home just the same.

Is there a place that beckons your senses, calls you home?

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Margi said...

Colorado is where my heart lives! I love this picture. I spent 13 years in Colorado and still miss it every day. Well, except when they're scraping windows. Snow is beautiful; ice on windshields isn't.

Great post!

Hartmann family said...

Well said Tia!! Colorado misses you, too!!

Tia Bach said...

M - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'd even scrape a few windows to be back in CO. My heart is there, too.

Stacey! Miss you. Hugs.