November 24, 2011

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby, and I’m so Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving. Today, please welcome, once again, my lovely mother and co-conspirator.


Tia challenged me to write a blog post for Thanksgiving. I stalled. Why? This year has been monumental for me, my husband and family. How can writing a labor of love be so hard? Why aren’t the words just pouring forth?

This morning, God delivered the perfect venue, music. I picked two favorite songs, one by Marvin Gaye and the other by Kelly Clarkson to give structure to my tangle of words, emotions and gratefulness.

Sometimes it is the musical lyrics and words in songs that stir us to remembrance and joy, to a time and place where everything is real, everything is just and everything is powerfully embedded in a simple phrase, “I’m so thankful!”

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!
Thankful for the lessons I’ve learned by God’s side,
Thankful for the love He keeps bringing my way,
Thankful He knows everything in my heart,
Thankful He knows my thoughts before I speak,
Thankful for the blessings, for precious moments,
Thankful for joy and the troubles I’ve known,
Thankful for the truth that keeps guiding my soul,
Thankful I knew through it all, I was never alone,
Thankful, so thankful!

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!
Thankful for a soul mate of forty-one years,
Thankful for memories to cherish and share,
Thankful in trouble your hand stayed in mine,
Thankful when we took the “I” out of pride,
Thankful for faith, love and family devotion,
Thankful for your courage and protectiveness,
Thankful for your strength when mine waned,
Thankful for humor when we needed it most,
Thankful, so thankful!

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!
Thankful for watching three daughters grow up,
Thankful they’re mothers with girls of their own,
Thankful their husband’s are men of conviction,
Thankful their children are loving and mindful,
Thankful each daughter has blossomed uniquely,
Thankful their faith draws a bead on the Father,
Thankful for their imprint on the needs of others,
Thankful for their concern, love and dedication,
Thankful, so thankful.

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!
Thankful God gave me a heart to help others,
Thankful God sent me children who needed a hug,
Thankful God gave me broad shoulders to loan,
Thankful for acquaintances who touched my soul,
Thankful for friends I cherish and call family,
Thankful for a special once-in-a-lifetime friend,
Thankful, so thankful for all my blessings!
There ain’t nothing like the real life, baby!
Thankful, so thankful!

What are you thankful for on this day of thanks?

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