November 16, 2011

May Be Up All Night: ROW 80 Check In

I'm posting late tonight, because today I was honored to host a giveaway and special guest post and it has kept me quite busy. A special thank you to Carrie Green for her post about Stephen King's influence on her writing and giving away copies of Roses are Red, her horror short story collection. Don't you love the cover?

I pride myself on reading all genres, but I rarely read pure horror. When I mentioned this to Carrie, she said something that's really stuck with me. She said she wrote horror from the "female perspective, it's the person sitting across from you at the dining room table that can wreck your life--not some movie monster."

I think of horror as Cujo, Carrie, Christine... all Stephen King. After reading the many comments, I realized Stephen King is also Shawshank Redemption (one of my all-time favorite movies) and The Green Mile. Not to mention the fact that I'm currently reading Stephen King's On Writing after hearing several glowing recommendations.

I may be up all night with the images conjured up by all this Stephen King talk, but I feel inspired to try a couple new books in the genre. Any recommendations? Not too gory or scary, horror light if there is such a thing. *wink*

My ROW80 update

Writing: Going well, 2000 words in the last two days. But I'm bummed I still haven't managed to join a ROW80 sprint. What is about 2pm EST that sends me running in eighteen different directions? I want to do a sprint, insert childlike whining here.

Blogging: Spending too much time on it, but enjoying it. NaBloPoMo is both encouraging and challenging. The prompts force me to write on the fly, but sometimes it's a struggle to type past the first thought. Posted another review on Mom in Love with Fiction. Overall, happy but drained.

Miscellaneous: Didn't have much time for miscellanous. It's 10:15, and I'm writing my ROW80 post, so I don't hold out much hope for hours of reading tonight. ;-( And I'm behind on blog commenting.

Sending more cheers out to my NaNo buddies. 16 days down. Wow, you guys are over the hump. You're in the home stretch now. Although I bet the 16th day of a 30 day writing month doesn't feel much like a home stretch.

Exercise: I'm squeezing it in and staying away from sugar. Not bad in a hectic week filled with sick children (today was the first day in a week all three kids managed to stay at school the whole day).

Hope everyone found words lying around waiting to be forced onto the paper!


Julie Glover said...

"Words lying around waiting to be forced onto the paper" - I love this phrase! Don't we all wish?

I'm no help in the horror department. I picked up my first Stephen King book the other day, read 50 pages, and returned it to the library. That man is a brilliant writer, but he has a pretty warped mind. I don't like gore and icky and nightmares and creepy and icky (okay, I said that one twice). Maybe I'm a chicken. I like my nice cozy mystery and young adult world. In fact, I'll read a romance from time to time as well.

But nothing too brutal, thank you. Let me know how your light treading into the horror genre goes!

(I want to join a ROW80 sprint too!)

Anonymous said...

I never read horror because with my over active imagination I wouldn't be able to sleep for a year!

Juliana said...

Honestly, I don't read horror. At all. I keep saying I'll try Stephen King, but never did. The most suspense or light horror I got were some books by Kelley Armstrong ... they gave me a few scares, but nothing horrible.
Well, I'm glad you're liking it lol

Tia Bach said...

Still no sprint for me, WAH. 2pm is killing me lately. I will do one soon, I hope.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I'll definitely be treading lightly into horror. I'll keep everyone updated. ;-)

Carrie Green, said...

Best wishes as you tread lightly into horror. I'm glad to have inspired your journey!

Tia Bach said...

Carrie, Yours will be first for sure! Thanks again for spending the day with me yesterday. All that was missing was wine and dinner together. ;-)

Bridgette Booth said...

I wasn't even aware there were 2pm sprints! You sound like you've had an excellent week. Sick children but very productive.

Good for you! Hope we both make one of those sprints!

Tia Bach said...

Bridgette, I finally did one a #ROW80 #wordsprint on Friday and LOVED it. Wrote just over 1,000 words in an hour. I need a kick in the pants like that all the time.

Hope to see you at one soon! Thanks for commenting.