April 29, 2017

Y = Yzma #AtoZChallenge

It's the weekend. I hope you have some awesome stuff planned. Believe it or not, we got a dump of snow last night here in Colorado. Good thing it's supposed to be in the 70s by early in the week.

Only two days left in April... time to wrap up the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. And I'm left with Y and Z. As you can guess, not the easiest letters. 

So, I'm pretty happy that I found...

Y = Yzma

Yes, the evil lady from The Emporer's New Groove. I'm sure you are wondering how I'll tie Yzma into my theme of what we can learn from fairy tale characters today.

Ah, but I can. In all honesty, we can learn something from anyone, no matter how evil they might be.

If you want something, go for it. Don't let others dissuade you if you truly believe in a goal. Yzma didn't. And let's be fair, initially Kuzco was a real jerk, so maybe he should have been replaced. Just saying.

Oh, and don't be a selfish villain in your own tale. They rarely get the prize.

How'd I do?

1 comment:

Jo Michaels said...

I love this villain. She's so dumb to leave her fate in the hands of an imbecile. LOL! Awesome post :D