April 12, 2017

J = Jasmine #AtoZChallenge

Happy Hump Day.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Today is brought to you by the letter J (LOL -- I felt like I was on Sesame Street for a second.)

In continuing with my theme of how fairy tales are relevant today...

J = Jasmine

Aladdin is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies and mainly because I loved the character of Jasmine. Sassy and outside the typical Disney beauty profile. 

What can we learn from Jasmine today?

Stand up for what you believe in. The Sultan wanted to marry his daughter off and had tradition to back him up. But that was not what Jasmine wanted. And she stood up to him. We have to stay in touch with what really matters and be strong in our efforts to protect those things.

And in the same vein... don't settle. She wanted love, not just a prince. And she fought for it. Don't settle because something gets too hard. 

What did you learn from Jasmine?


Jasmine is another princess we explore in War and Pieces: Frayed Fairy Tales, this one written by Kelly Risser and NL Greene. In Season 8, you'll find out more about what happened to Jasmine after the tale you all know and love as she faces a new terror.

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lissa said...

easy for Jasmine to think that way, she has beauty and brain, not all of us can be that confident and also, it helps to have beauty because, if she didn't have her beauty, would we be interested in her at all? I find that beauty is often accentuated and most disney princesses are all beautiful so...

have a lovely day.

~ my J post - Jeopardy ~

Martha Reynolds said...

We all settle, at least a little, but that's okay. There are trade offs in life. Good post, Tia. 💚💚💚

Jo Michaels said...

I love Jasmine. She was so kind, too. Always wanting to be with the people in the city and hating the way the soldiers treated the thieves (read: small children who took apples and such because of starvation). Great "not settling" lesson!!!