April 13, 2017

K = King Fergus #AtoZChallenge

It's Thursday... and time for another Blogging from A to Z Challenge post. Today is all about the letter K and how it relates to my theme: What can we learn today from fairy tales.

K proved a challenge. I couldn't think of a fairy tale character off the top of my head, so I did an internet search and found...

K = King Fergus

Brave! I loved this movie. As the mom of three daughters, I loved the spunky Merida. Her strength and bravery were the kind of characteristics I wanted my daughters to see in a Disney princess. And I liked the arc of her father's character.

What can we learn from King Fergus today?

As a parent, we should listen to our children, even if what they have to say goes against what we believe is best. King Fergus is stuck in tradition, but he raised his daughter to be strong and then didn't give her a voice. If he would have listened, maybe they could have come to some kind of agreement without sending her on a path that ultimately endangered his wife and other children.

I also loved what King Fergus taught us about strength and protecting your family. In the end, he protected his family above all else. When we decide to have a family, we have to put their best interests and safety above anything else.

What did you learn from Brave, particularly King Fergus?

Please join me tomorrow for L = Lady (Lady and the Tramp).

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Jo Michaels said...

Loved Brave! One of my favorites :) It was such a story of family and caring. Great choice!! I think, from King Fergus, I took away that you shouldn't be so quick to judge something based on the character you perceive. That might not be the whole story. Take the time to look more deeply.