April 25, 2017

U = Ursula #AtoZChallenge

Still chugging along with my Blogging from A to Z Challenge theme... what fairy tale characters can teach us today. 

And as I promised, I'm throwing in some villains. 


U = Ursula

The Little Mermaid is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies and THE favorite of my youngest daughter, which of course means I've seen it a million times. Plus, it has one of the most entertaining villains.

What can we learn from Ursula today?

Don't mess with another woman's man. Come on, I had to list this. I could have said: Don't get in the way of true love. But I think just staying away from a taken man is good as a general rule. LOL

Embrace your body. Yep, Ursula flaunted it. And she did so beautifully (we'll look past the fact that her heart is pure evil). We are all built differently, and we should celebrate that.

When something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ursula sold Ariel a bill of goods by making it seem too good to pass up. You see what that got her. Never let a shiny object distract you from logic and research.

What did you love to hate about Ursula?

And join me tomorrow for another version of Ursula... do you know who it is?


lissa said...

I love to hate her confidence, Ursula has tons of confidence and it shows from the way she speaks and seemingly so sure of her plans. have a lot of confidence in yourself even if you aren't sure - that could be the lesson

have a lovely day.

~ my U post - Unpopular list ~

Jo Michaels said...

These are great lessons! I do love a good villain (as you know), and she's another one of my favorites :) Awesome post!