April 26, 2017

V = Vanessa #AtoZChallenge

I hope everyone is going well halfway through this lovely week, the last week of April and of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

As we get into these later letters, the challenge becomes, well, more challenging. So I cheated a bit today, but only a bit.

Yesterday, I featured Ursula as part of my theme of what fairy tale characters can teach us today.

So, I thought I'd cover Ursula's alter ego...

V = Vanessa

Remember when Ursula knew she was losing and turned herself into a human to fight for Eric and make sure she kept Ariel's voice?

That woman was named Vanessa.

What can we learn from Vanessa today?

Don't let appearances fool you. Vanessa still had the black heart of Ursula even though she became a gorgeous woman with a beautiful voice. Ariel ultimately figured it out thanks to her friends. But just because something comes in a beautiful package doesn't make it a thing of beauty.

Don't rush into marriage. Take your time to make sure it's right. Or, in Eric's case, that you aren't under some evil spell and overlooking the actual love of your life. 

Okay, it's V, I'm trying. LOL

Can you think of a better V character?

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Jo Michaels said...

Under an evil spell! hahaha! I'm ROFL! Or a shotgun? :D