July 14, 2011

Celebrating 100 posts

Wow, time flies when you are having fun. Yesterday's post marked a special achievement for our blog: 100 posts! We started this blog in January, but began regularly blogging in May thanks to Michelle Rafter's Blogathon.

Mom and I want to thank our readers, especially those who take a moment to comment. We write because we love it, but it never hurts to get validation and feedback.

We are writers, readers, mothers and women. This blog details our writing journey as independently published authors. We have learned so much and want to give back to our writing community. Just as importantly, we share our mother-daughter journey.

Our novel, Depression Cookies, debuted in October 2011. For a sample, please visit our Taste of Depression Cookies blog post.

Our 10 Most Popular Posts:
(we used Google Analytics and total number of comments to determine popularity)

* What Not to Do During a Television Interview - humorous take on our Lifetime TV experience
* Five Elements of a Good Read
* Friday Feature: Favorite Thing We Read this Week and Why - featuring a great Ernest Hemingway quote
* Lesson Learned from a Child
* Tips for Taped Interviews
* Delicate Balancing Act - discussing the Lifetime experience and how to find balance
* What Most Southern Women Love about the "F" word
* Haiku Day - sharing Mom's haiku during a Blogathon theme day
* The Importance of Book Clubs - for readers and writers
* One More Thank You - Mom's touching tribute to her mother

We'd love some feedback. Take a moment to let us know how we're doing and suggestions for future blog posts.


Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

WaaaHoo! Congratulations gals!!

Christine said...

Congratulations! And what's great is that it's not merely "100 posts" but 100 GREAT posts =)

Tia Bach said...

Thanks so much Kate & Christine, my dear Blogathon ladies! Without your support, we would have faded away by now I'm afraid.