July 26, 2011

Tub-Full Tuesdays: My Little Teachers

Sunday, I was over-stimulated. Monday, seeking balance. I'm so glad it's Tuesday. Now I can reflect on something that fills my tub, my little teachers (aka my children).

I love being a mom with rare exception. What I didn't necessarily expect from having kids was to learn from them. I thought I'd be the teacher. While they will never convince me a sandwich without crusts is superior, they do make me a better person.

Jackie, 11, always has a book in her hands. She loves to read. She gets that from me, but it also inspires me. I feel guilty not getting some reading in when she makes time at the dinner table, while brushing her teeth, riding in the car... She takes the book everywhere hoping she'll sneak in a page. I admire her dedication.

Reagan, 9, finds the humor in the most mundane things. I can be running around completely absorbed in chaos, and she'll chase me down to make me laugh. She will go to any length to get a chuckle. She brings a lightness to our house that is much-needed.

Maddie, 6, is a spit-fire. She has enough energy to fuel a city. Just watching her makes me tired, but I love her spirit. She reminds me life is about doing front rolls down the stairs. So as not to increase our medical bills, I don't roll down the stairs, but occasionally I will skip home from the bus stop with her.

These are just a few of the ways they brighten my life and teach me new things.

Yesterday, I needed my girls to be patient with me. I had a deadline and was struggling with the piece. Self-doubt clouded my vision. It's summertime, they want to have fun and enjoy every second before school starts. With a bit of bartering, we are spending today at Beaver Dam having fun, they agreed to play in the basement until I could finish my work. I must commend them. They did it.

Our dog, however, is probably not as appreciative. Seems she entertained them in my absence.

My tub is full, just in time for more writing and posting. What filled your tub this week?

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