July 1, 2011

Friday Feature: My Favorite Thing I Read this Week and Why

We are excited to start the Ultimate Blog Challenge today! 31 posts in July. We will continue our two theme days: Tub-Full Tuesdays and Friday Feature. Fridays feature our favorite thing we read this week and why. For those of you new to the blog, my mom and I both post on this blog as it follows our mother-daughter journey through life and writing.

Last week we visited some out of town friends at the Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC. As I downloaded the pictures yesterday, I came across my favorite read this week: a quote I saw in the museum.

This quote was printed on the wall, and I took a picture. I liked the words and wanted to ponder them later at home, not while herding six kids under 11 through the museum. Of course I forgot about the quote until I saw the pictures.

I don't like to say anything is impossible. I'm not a quitter. That's not to say I don't shy away from overwhelming tasks. Sometimes I do. I need to work on that. But I must say my dream of writing a book became a hope and then a reality. Now we are embarking on the sequel.

When my first kid was born, I was excited and slightly apprehensive of the unknown (especially labor). With the second child, I had so much more anxiety because I KNEW how hard labor and newborns were. I also had a sense of calm because I knew how to be a mother (or thought I did!). A second novel feels like baby #2. I know how much work is involved this time, but I've learned a lot. The hardest part is pulling the trigger!

I look forward to meeting new blogger friends through this challenge! As an incentive to come by and comment, we will give away a special prize to the person who comments most during the month of July.

What is the impossible dream you hope will be a reality soon?


Don Gonzalez said...

Great reflection.

I'm with you, in that i don't like to think anything is impossible. My dream is to start an educational non-profit to work with impoverished children. The biggest obstacle has been daily life. At the end of a day, I can't seem to find the time to do what I need to do to get things moving. I made a promise to myself that this would be the year. I now have 6 months to get something launched.

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Lovely encouragement! My family and I were just talking about labor and delivery yesterday and how, with my 7th, I experienced a lot of anxiety KNOWING what was coming. But it is so true, pushing through (literally) the fear and anxiety resulted in a blessing unfathomable!

No matter what our endeavor, working toward those dreams, no matter how impossible they seem, yields great fruit in our lives! Even if the particular dream doesn't come to fruition, WE change and grow and that is worth it!

bookworm said...

I would like to retire (at a time of my own choosing) and be a snowbird-the harsh winters of upstate NY get harder and harder each year. Right now, in my late 50's that seems so out of reach. With the blogging contests, I hope to improve my skills to the point that I can make some extra money no matter where I am living at the time. Good luck with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Tia Bach said...

Don, well said and good luck!

Kate, you are a dear!

Alana, I'll throw some hope your way.

UBC should be fun!

Kristi's Book Nook said...

I would like to win a couple of writing contest and begin freelancing for parenting magazines soon. That is the dream I have in addition to world peace of course. ;o)

Lori Ferguson said...

Wow. "impossible" dream to reality. Scary stuff. Overwhelming.

Robert (my husband) and I talk about that often. Our 25-year-vision is to encourage husbands and wives to lead meaning filled lives; that these strong couples will lead positive change in their community and country.

Our 'impossible' dream is to bring (back) honor to the roles of husband and wife so the next generation sees a fulfilling, life-long marriage as achievable and desirable.

Overwhelming, big, hairy and audacious dream. Yup.

I think I need to adopt that statement on the wall you took a picture of...

Tia Bach said...

Kristi, peace indeed does seem an impossible dream, sadly.

Lori, Thanks for stopping by. I need to continue to adopt the statement and keep moving forward!