July 30, 2011

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

July is almost over, signalling the end of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. A huge thanks to hosts Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer! One of the benefits of this challenge was the daily blog ideas. Today's was determination, how we push through to reach a goal. Challenges motivate me to reach goals, but so does reading other blogs and learning.

Both Michel(l)e's blog posts are informative and motivating, detailing the ins and outs of the blog universe. Their challenge brought together many types of bloggers all looking to learn more about social media and networking.

Highlighted blog finds:

* Putting Words to Paper: Tiffany Jansen's words on writing. Everything from common writing mistakes, tips on editing, and discussions about the publishing industry.

* Punk Rock Psychic: No, I'm not scouring blogs looking to unleash my inner punk rocker, but I've found Lisa Marie Selow's blog inspirational and thought-provoking. From the Home Page: "Live an authentic life with success, purpose, happiness, and freedom--on your terms!" I've had several oh-yeah moments reading her posts.

* WAHM Solution: "Work at Home Moms Building Success from the Inside Out" Some great tips this month on knowing your values and building your self-esteem. I love help with motherhood and business all in one site.

* Insignificant at Best: Lisa's "random musings" often made me stop to think and reflect. Great things for a writer, but beneficial to everyone. She engages readers. After the challenge, I plan to spend some time on her site getting ideas for mine. Beautifully put together.

Old friends enjoyed:

* BooksYALove: The authority on lesser known YA books. I have a small notebook filling fast with her diverse book suggestions. Katy, a huge thanks for enhancing my reading life.

* Teaching What is Good: That she does. Endearing and good for the soul, she touches me with her positive outlook and unshakable faith. Kate, keep the inspiration coming.

* Ramblin' with AM: Everything from interesting Civil War posts and beautiful flower pictures to touching posts about autism. A touch of beauty in every post.

Check out these great blogs, and let them know Tia sent you.

Do you have a great go-to blog to recommend? If so, please leave it in the comments below.


Lisa Carter said...

Congrats on finishing another blogging challenge, Tia! Good on ya! ;-)

And thanks for the new links. I'm intrigued by each and look forward to checking them out!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I'm glad to have found your blog too! :) I loved doing the blog challenge and plan on doing it again...I've met some really great bloggers this way and found some really awesome blogs to read!

Tia Bach said...

Lisa C. - check them out. Some great ones.

Lisa-I love to find a great blog that surprises me, and yours did that. I love it!

Thanks for the comments. I love the support of my blogger friends!

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Tia, I'm so very honored that you put me in your blog post! I love the snippets of the blogs you enjoy -- I'm going to check out each one of them (some I read also).

Tia Bach said...

Kate, Your blog is a favorite for good reason. You should check out the ones I listed, there's a little something for everyone. Hugs!