July 1, 2011

A Month in Posts: From Anne Frank to Dolly Parton

Our posts this month have been varied, a perfect representation of two female writers. Please visit our Blog Archive on the right side of the home page to check out anything you missed this month.

My favorite this month:
* WSJ Article Suggests Darkness in YA Literature: I Say Parents are the Light: a Wall Street Journal article suggested YA literature was becoming too dark and kids were reading material they shouldn't. My opinion on parental involvement in what their kids are reading/doing is featured in this post.

Our top two posts this month (according to Google Analytics' pages visits):
* The Delicate Balancing Act of Life: a post about learning the art of balance and featuring a clip from our Lifetime talk show appearance.

* Tub-Full Tuesdays: The Anchor of Friendship: Mom's post about the rewards of friendship. We love our Tub-Full Tuesdays!

Starting tomorrow we will be participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and back to posting daily (although we posted 25 times in June, not bad!). We look forward to learning more ways to make this blog a must-visit site for our readers.

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