July 17, 2011

ROW 80 Check In: Accepting Change

I'd like to thank Kait Nolan for the A Round of Words in 80 Days challenge and my newfound focus. Not all challenges are created equal. Some box you in and provide little support. This one allows you to set your own goals and readjust them as necessary. Yet there's support throughout. I think it's excellent preparation for my ultimate goal: participating in National Novel Writing Month in November.

My progress this week:

Wednesday, 7/13
Results: 0 words, posted
Reaction: Bummer. I have excuses, but excuses are easy. I'm not proud of easy.

Thursday, 7/14
Results: 737 words, posted
Reaction: Back on track. Felt silly to just miss my 750 goal, but I stopped at a logical point.

Friday, 7/15
Results: 982 words, posted
Reaction: You can't stop me now!

Saturday, 7/16
Results: 0 words, posted
Reaction: Life just has a way of stopping you, darn it.

To be fair, my family decided on a last minute vacation. We need it, so I'm readjusting my goals until it's over on Tuesday. I'm embracing a good excuse. I need to catch up on some reading, so I will focus on the reading element of my goals by finishing two books during my break. Two reviews will follow. My Mom in Love with Fiction blog needs the love.

My girls enjoying our break - Ocean City, MD
The fear of failure motivates me, but I refuse to see failure in 6,075 words (my new total!) and a vacation with my family. Plus, reading is an important element for good writing. And what's better than reading on the beach?

I would love to know how others are doing. Are you staying the course or reevaluating as you go?


Anonymous said...

aw. this was a nice post to read. Personally, i think success is moving forward in any way with my writing. Sometimes zero words means much much incubation and processing, so don't let those days of few words get you down. Remember the phases: (incubation, idea, draft, edit, final draft )sometimes needs to repeat itself multiple times in small doses over a large project.

forge on and thanks for posting what we all struggle with in much the same way

Anonymous said...

You are maintaining a great attitude and that is often the deciding factor in long-term success. When the writing is ready to flow I'm sure it will. Using your time to recharge and reload (the reading) will help with that.

Keep pressing forward :)

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of ROW80 we can adjust our goals to fit our life (and I have done plenty of re-adjusting since I've joined!). You are doing a smashing job and have a wonderful mindframe -stay positive; any words written towards your goal is an achievement, so is mulling over ideas and planning -so stay proud :) & good luck!

Unknown said...

I am in LOVE with #ROW80, my first draft was 10 days late on arrival, so I may have to readjust my #ROW80 goals. It will depend on how editing goes (this is my first novel, so I have little idea of my editing speed other than my fan-fiction work).

Enjoy the vacation. The kids grow up so fast. They aren't going to treasure the moment you were locked away working on your novel, but they will treasure the moments Mom said we're taking a break! :)

Edelgard Erszebet von Wurttemberg said...

Congrats on hitting the goals you did this week. You did better than I did, that's for sure.

I agree about vacations - we all need them once in a while. :)

Khloë Kamalis said...

I think I re-evaluate as I stay on course. I'm one of those people who continues to plod ahead taking a break now and then to read or do other required things. (I am the caretaker for my diabled mother). I really make a concentrated effort to keep things on the UP side and it does make a difference. You have a fun and beautiful vacation and I will continue to follow and read your awesome blog. 8-) ♥

Em said...

I whole-heartedly believe reading is an important part of writing. I love the fact that you are posting your reactions...I have already found this quite a rollercoaster of a journey!

Enjoy your vacation!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone. Receiving your comments and support is truly one of my favorite parts of ROW80! I feel like I'm in excellent company. Hope everyone has a great week!

Anonymous said...

We all need to relax and recharge so happy vacation to you! I've been readjusting but as long as I'm writing I'm okay... HAVE FUN!

Cate Morgan said...

The life . . . she happens. That's why I take my goals a week at a time. Happy vay-cay! :O)

Tia Bach said...

Thanks! Knowing people check in on my progress and root for me keeps me going!