June 29, 2011

Never Lead With a Dead Dog

I wanted to share a piece from Mom today. Enjoy!!


Angela Beach Silverthorne
Revised, June 2011

Often I write
as if a dead
dog were sitting
beneath my desk.

Trite material,
mundane words,
redundant usage–
writing anything
but what the
guidelines say
and rejection
notices describe
as killers.

I seek to reunite
with the minister
of magic, origins
beyond–feel quill
pushing, pumping
deep within the
mazes of originality.

Often I write of
dying ducks and
flaming cats just
because I can–a
shortcut evoking
emotional responses
on the cheap end
of desperation.

Tomorrow I will
write the master
work on bicycles–
a story so splendid
that you will set
it to music for its
brilliance, eloquence,
puffy pink glow.

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