June 7, 2011

New Weekly Feature: Tub-full Tuesdays

My recent experience with Michelle Rafter’s Blogathon taught me many things I wanted to incorporate into my blog. Some of those features are taking longer than others. One was to have theme days. We already discuss our favorite thing we read during the week on Fridays. But I was inspired by fellow blogger Lisa Carter of Intralingo to add another: Tub-full Tuesdays. She does a great post weekly called Thankful Thursdays, and I’ve always enjoyed reading it.

My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher told her students they have buckets. When you do nice things or someone does something nice to you, it fills your bucket. But mean/sad things empty your bucket. Looking for T words (I’m all about alliteration), Tub-full reminded me of a bucket.
Now if this isn't a Tub-full, I don't know what is
(and please don't tell my preteen this picture is up!)
As evidenced by yesterday’s post about balance, too often I don’t remember to take time to be thankful for all my blessings. Mom agreed. So keep any eye out for our posts every Tuesday about things that fill our tub. It might be as simple as a quote that lifted our spirits, a picture of an event, or a short post.
This week, I wanted to say again how thankful I am to Michelle Rafter of Blogathon for taking time out of her busy schedule to round up 200+ blogs and pass on her wisdom. In addition to learning, I met a wonderful group of bloggers who inspire me every day to keep at it and post interesting and meaningful material. Leading up to Blogathon, my tub was leaking. I wasn’t sure if having a blog was worth it. Now my blog tub is overflowing!

I have to also mention my baby sister (she hates when I call her that!), Dana Newbrough, aka our Blog Designer and Webmaster. She is awesome. Check out our blog's brand new look. All Dana. She takes the crazy rantings of how I see our blog in my head and turns them into reality (okay, a lot of it is from her own head). I am blessed (and she works for extra diaper coupons and the occasional Target giftcard!).

What has filled your tub this week?


Katy Manck, MLS said...

Tia -
My tub this week is being filled by hearing from real-live YA authors themselves on Twitter, tweeting back to li'l ol' me, the book reviewer gal! What a wow.

And I love your blog's new look! (will be tweaking BooksYALove soon...)

But I'm still having trouble subscribing to RSS Feed- GoogleReader gives error message "The feed being requested cannot be found" -maybe Dana can figure out why?

**Katy M
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Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

What a sweet theme day, Tia! And I love the new look for your blog...good job, Dana!!

Times of laughter with my family DEFINITELY fill my tub! So, I'm VERY glad we are a laughing family.

Michelle Rafter said...

Thanks for the shout out Tia! I'm so glad you enjoyed your blogathon experience. Love the new design (although in case you didn't know my Chrome browser is cutting off the far right side of the Twitter widget in your left column).

Keep up the good work!

Michelle Rafter

sheila Callahan said...

I love the design of your blog. Here's to talented sisters. Great job.

Sheila Callahan

Tia Bach said...

Katy, I'm looking into the Feed (I didn't know what an RSS feed was earlier this year!). And you are one of my fave book-reviewer gals!

Michelle, Thanks for stopping by and imparting all your wisdom during Blogathon. Sister will work on Twitter!

Sheila, I'm blessed with talented sisters, daughters and Mom!!!

Thanks to you all for visiting. I'm loving blogging these days. Hip Hip Hooray!

Tia Bach said...

Kate, I was totally inspired by Lisa's Thankful Thursdays AND coming across the cute photo of my Tub Full of beauties. I am truly blessed.

Jan said...

Oh Tia,

Love, love your new site look. So much easier to read. Congratulations.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Jan. It's so much more "me" (and who would know me better than my sister). I was working so hard on the content of the posts, I forgot to pay attention to the aesthetics of the blog. Seeing all the wonderful Blogathon blogs made me want to work on both!