June 3, 2011

Friday Feature: My Favorite Thing I Read this Week and Why

Upon initial reflection, my favorite thing to read this week was my calendar and the date May 31st . . . end of Blogathon. But I miss it! The few days I took off from blogging felt wrong. Thanks to all the bloggers I met throughout May, I know the blog's readership will grow if I am consistent and write interesting posts. So I'm going to trod along.

Mom and I both enjoyed our Friday Feature (established for the Blogathon), so we are going to stick with it. This week, my choice was simple. My favorite thing I read this week was the "You've reached the Summit" sign at my Bolder Boulder 10K race. I knew at that point it was all downhill.

Photo courtesy of the Bolder Boulder 10K website

See I now live in the Land of Sissies, at sea level in Maryland. Training at sea level for an altitude race is not the smartest thing I've ever done. But I did it!

Similarly, jumping into a Blogathon with a brand new blog was terrifying. I'm so glad I took the leap. I learned so much. My "summit" for this blog and my writing is nowhere in sight, and I'm thrilled to be taking the uphill. But, like my race, I can't do it without wonderful friends and supporters, so please keep visiting and commenting.

Are you pushing toward your summit?


Lisa @ Intralingo said...

There's always another hill to climb, isn't there, Tia? I kind of like that, always something to strive for. Congrats on your Blogathon and race successes this far, wishing you lots of energy and good wishes for what is still to come!

Tia Bach said...

I agree. I don't mind the hill work as long as there are some coasting downhills to catch my breath! Thanks for your support.