June 12, 2011

Summer Reading and a Day to Remember Anne Frank

My children are wonderful readers, but they've been influenced by a fantasy-driven publishing industry. I'm not necessarily complaining. The main objective is for them to read, and I want them to love books like I do. Still, from time to time, I suggest they read some classics.

We still haven't finished school here on the East coast, so I'm in denial that summer is a week away. I was thrilled to see my fellow blogger, Kate, put up a summer reading list this week at her Teaching What is Good blog site. Take a minute to check out her list and inspirational blog.
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One of the books she recommended was Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I remember reading this book as a young woman. It stirred up questions. Could I have been so brave in the same situation? Could I even be that brave in my own life? It's definitely a book I will give my upcoming sixth grader this summer.

I've spent a good amount of time this week looking for blog post inspiration. I love when I see someone comment on Donut Day or National ice cream month, so I found a special days calendar. Guess what today, June 12th, is? Sure enough it's the birthday of Anne Frank (born in 1929). I can be a bit dense about "signs" but Kate's post and then this. Aha! Inspiration.

For those curious about Anne Frank's incredible life, check out http://www.annefrank.org/ for more information.

I'm still searching for YA classics for summer reading in my house... any suggestions? I'll take adult suggestions, too.


Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Tia! How cool that today is her birthday!! Thanks for bringing that up (and for the mention) -- it will be great as we start that book in the morning!!

Katy Manck, MLS said...

Tia - My recommendations for middle grade fiction and nonfiction (plus all my YA picks, the occasional picture book and even a board book) are posted at www.abookandahug.com which children's librarian Barb Langridge started. You can search it by age group, genre, keywords, etc.

For precocious readers - those 8 year olds who can read at 8th grade level but don't need 8th grade subject matter - use the keyword Middle Reader-Careful Content. That indicates books which are more complex but avoid 'mature' situations.

I have a big, big stack of "read & need to write the Rec" books, including a YA novel viewing life in the attic through Peter's eyes "Annexed" (Sharon Dogar) which will be waiting for your daughter when she's older, as it has unflinching descriptions of life, or rather existence in the concentration camps...

Hopefully, I'll get my rec of the classic "A Little Princess" onto Barb's site soon, because every kiddo deserves a book and a hug.

**Katy M
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Tia Bach said...

Sometimes Blogger does make me want to scream... I published a comment and now retrying...

Kate, please let me know if you find any interesting tidbits re: Frank that I can pass onto my daughter.

Katy, your blog is an absolute go-to for me to find great YA books, but thanks for sharing about abookandahug. Love the idea of the Middle Reader Careful-Content search.

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