May 3, 2011

Book Clubs: Excellent for Readers and Authors

Mom and I intially set out to write a novel about corporate moving and the issues faced by the families who move, like ours did, every 2-3 years. Of course, the book became so much more.

We are first and foremost READERS! I've said it many times on this blog . . . I support all genres and love to read. As does Mom. When Tiffany Schlarman of asked me to do a guest post, I knew I wanted to cover the importance of book clubs. Not only are they an excellent source for book lovers to find quality books to discuss, but they are an excellent resource for authors as well.

Also, please take a peek at our Book Club tab. We'll have pictures from our latest Depression Cookies book club up soon. Thanks again to my friends in San Diego, especially Debbie Lanpheer who hosted. I miss you all!

Later today: A bit about our Lifetime TV appearance yesterday followed by a post on Thursday, 5/5 with details about the experience including things NOT to do on television!

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