May 19, 2011

Support Book Festivals OR Don't Leave Authors Sitting All Alone

I've always enjoyed book festivals. Row after row of great hidden gems: books the big book chains aren't exhibiting at the front of their store. Quoting the Gaithersburg Book Festival flyer, "(it's) a large-scale annual celebration of the written word." So, let's celebrate!

I'm looking forward to talking with book lovers, but I'm also looking forward to sneaking away from my own booth and checking out the local author scene. I've recruited my oldest daughter to help man my table while I mingle.

Mom and I will each be attending our first book festival this Saturday, May 21. I will be at the Gaithersburg Book Festival in Gaithersburg, MD, and Mom will be attending the Washington, NC Book Fest sponsored by I Can't Believe It's a Book Store, a great, local bookstore. This festival has authors set up in local businesses, and Mom is in a shop called Wine & Words. Wine and Books, brilliant.

If you are near either of these areas, come check out all the books and local authors. And, don't be shy . . . stop by the Depression Cookies table for a chat!


Alison Law said...

I LOVE book festivals! Writers are rock stars to me, so I love to attend readings and discover new authors and books.
Each year, my husband and I attend the Decatur Book Festival here in Atlanta. Maybe you and your mom will come?

Tia Bach said...

We'll definitely have to look into this, Alison! It said it was the largest independent book festival in the country. Wow. Thanks for letting us know. If we plan to attend, I'll drop you a note.

Anonymous said...

Oh Precious...your mama is going to be sitting at Wine and Words and there will be wine tasting that day. Alone? Heck no...I've got the miracle diet product, Merlot, in cases and open bottles all around me! Now that's nirvana! I'll be slimmer by Monday!