May 10, 2011

Haiku Day!!

When Michelle Rafter of WordCount's Blogathon suggested we write haikus for our May 10th posting, I went straight to my mom. First of all, she's a poet, something I am not. Second, I always go to my mom when I'm in over my head, and a haiku definitely qualified. Thank you Mom for always being there.

Here's Mom's post . . .

There’s something about being a mother. Your children ask and you do somersaults to grant their wishes, even if it makes you look foolish. Then again, foolish isn’t so bad if it puts a smile on your daughter’s face or gets your granddaughter to giggle, is it? Here are two gimmicks I recently fell for.
Tia said, “Mom, let’s write a book.” Ten years later Depression Cookies was published.
Tia said, “Mom, please write a haiku.” This is my first and my last . . . so enjoy. 

Motherhood begins
No lessons or a manual
Just sheer off the cuff

Come to think of it, my grandmother would find haikus very frugal. Moderation was her philosophy on life. From my viewpoint, this poetic form goes beyond scrimping. It’s like buying the designer matching wallet without the purse. That’s wrong.

Mom and Tia 1973
(Psst . . . don't tell Mom I found this
old picture, much less posted it)


Haley | Girl About the World said...

I think it's great!

Never say never
On composing another
Haikus can be fun!

Tia Bach said...

Many thanks to you
for leaving me a comment
and making my day!

bookworm said...

I wrote a haiku
On a warm breezy spring day
And posted it here

Help! I can't stop!
I keep writing and writing
And now its bedtime


Tia Bach said...

Love it Alana
thanks for the new haiku here
bedtime for me too