February 4, 2012

Paying It Forward

Before Depression Cookies debuted in late 2010, I was a closet writer. Very few close friends and family members knew I was writing a book, much less that I had been a writer for years (mainly a business writer).

Marketing my own book forced me out in the open. I'm so glad it did. I've found the writing community to be welcoming and always willing to share.

To give back to a community that always gives so much to me, I like to pay it forward. Many authors have been instrumental in bringing me out of my shell. Two, ironically both named Melissa, have breaking news.

* WoMen's Literary Cafe, the literary site founded by Melissa Foster, has changed its name to World Literary Cafe. It's the same great site, full of many features: Free eBook Fridays; Author, Reader and Writer Forums; Beta Readers and Critique Groups; and so much more. Check it out here.

* Turning Point is available for FREE for a limited time on Amazon. It's a wonderful Young Adult novel by Melissa Luznicky Garrett. I reviewed it on my review blog here. An excerpt: If you are intrigued by dark characters and the unexpected, you will appreciate every turn of the page. Melissa’s ability to slowly reveal layer after layer of this family’s dark secret is impressive. Never once did I guess the series of events about to occur.

Check out the efforts of these lovely Melissas.

I love to expand my writing community and find new author friends... any good suggestions on where to hang out online?


Eloise said...

Wish I could contribute. I would *love* to see some ideas on this...

Unknown said...

thanks for the tip of the world literacy cafe I'm going to check it out!

Tia Bach said...

Eloise, I know. I wanted more suggestions, too!

Nannette, You'll love WLC!