February 3, 2012

Lessons Learned from Bingo

I survived chairing my first middle school event, a Family Fun Night with bingo and raffle prizes. It turned out beautifully, but I learned a thing or two.

* People take their Bingo seriously... who knew? I didn't. My husband was the designated, notice he did not volunteer but was designated, bingo caller. On one occasion, he messed up. I thought half the people attending were going to take him out.

* Friends make everything worthwhile... without good friends helping me, I would have been a mess. The same is true in my writing life now. There are some people I've never met that have gotten me through bad writing weeks. I'm so thankful for people who are willing to share and care.

* Kids love candy... I had gift certificates galore. Starbucks, ITunes, local restaurants. What did the kids constantly choose? The Costco candy bars or anything else with sugar. To my author friends, if you write Young Adult, consider wrapping an extra large Hershey's bar around your book. You'll be amazed by your increased sales.

* Sometimes you need luck... I don't care how many cards some people bought, time and time again I saw winners from one card. Sometimes, all it takes is some luck. You can plan and strategize all you want, but if Lady Luck is not smiling at you... she's smiling at someone else. I've read traditionally published books that aren't, well, good. And I wonder... how did that get published? The right person read it and loved it. That simple.

What I love most about taking on any new challenge... learning. As a writer, I like being in all situations. You never know where a story or inspiration may strike.

Where's the oddest place you were inspired?


Katrina said...

Oh yeah some people are certainly deadly serious about their bingo

ShaunaKelleyWrites said...

Yes, you have just stumbled onto one of the great "Don'ts" in the world. Do NOT mess up people's Bingo!

I LOVE the Hershey Bar idea. I wonder how I can get one into Max and Menna!

Tia Bach said...

Katrina, So new to me. Good to know should I take it up in my twilight years.

Shauna, Max and Menna is excellent, but a candy bar could never hurt!! Hope you got my message about Amazon highlighting it. Exciting!

Natalie Hartford said...

Sounds like it was a huge success, you learned a ton and had some fun! Awesomeness!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Natalie.