February 5, 2012

Crafting Characters: ROW80 Check In

A positive to writing a book with your mom... having plot and character discussions at places like Great Wolf Lodge while the kids play. Just in the last year or so, I've realized some freedom with my girls (now 11, 9 and 6). I can sit and watch them play versus running after them all the time.

While my children were intoxicated with water play, Mom and I talked about characters for our follow up to Depression Cookies. We know what we want to put our main characters through and how we want them to grow, but we can't sacrifice peripheral characters to accomplish our goals. After much discussion, we realized we had changed a semi-main character too much from our first book. It didn't make sense for that character, even though it moved along story.

Now, we need to go back and revamp a couple of chapters, but I feel jazzed and excited about the book again thanks to our conversation.

Onto my ROW80 update...

The brain fog is finally clearing. Just in time to plan my daughter's 10th birthday (2/7), my other daughter's Valentine's Day dance (2/10), and my birthday girl's slumber party (2/11), not to mention Valentine's Day fun (2/14, parties at schools and home events). It's all fun, but very distracting.

Writing: Let's call it planning. I only wrote about 900 words since Wednesday, but my head is swimming with ideas and plans. Plus, I learned something about myself during the last week of insanity... I am very productive at 6am in a quiet house. It's my own wordsprint. The alarm is already set for 6am tomorrow, and I've put tomorrow's #ROW80 #teamsprinty (2pm EST) in my calendar.

Dear Muse, I've cleared my schedule and made my plans. You've been enjoying a vacation thanks to my insanity, so please join me tomorrow for some exciting writing. Sincerely, Tia

Blogging: Daily here and once on Mom in Love with Fiction since Wednesday. I'm getting around to ROW80 blogs. Several of them have mentioned Story Engineering (just today, Kait Nolan mentioned it), so it'll be my next craft book after Dorothea Brande's Becoming a Writer (that one's been sitting by my bed way too long).

Reading: Going to start Becoming a Writer and pick back up The Book Thief.

Editing: Excited to return to it after a brain-packed week!

Exercise: Thanks to beautiful weather, I got outside to clear my brain and work my muscles a lot this past week. I need to get back to the gym. Unfortunately, we spent a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge... have you ever tried to eat healthy at a place like that?

Check out other ROW80 participants here.

How are my writer friends doing? With all the sickness going around lately, I hope my writer friends are healthy and ready to entertain their Muse.


Darlene Steelman McGarrity said...

Ideas and plans rule!! Keep the thoughts flowing. :)

And your Dear Muse letter rules!

L.S. Engler said...

Man, I love those excitement fueled plot hashing sessions! Maybe that explains the rut I've been having lately; I'll have to set my roommate down and subject her to some plot babble soon! How cool that you guy recharged over your vacation time. Such a great feeling! Here's to hoping it sticks around for a good long time.

Brittney Van Sandt said...

Good job this week! Go Depression Cookies!:)

Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome week! and i love it when the muses are kicking, ideas are popping up left and right, and a new story stays in your head all day. word count has nothing on this planning stage :)

good luck this week!

alberta ross said...

Really liked the Book Thief - might have to dust it down and re-read:) head full of ideas is my kind of warm glow - all the best for this week

Eloise C. said...

My brain is at its best in the early AM. After that, it's all downhill 8). But seriously, I can feed the cats, put them in the kitchen and not have to type with a lap-full of cat.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone! My Muse is still a bit elusive, but she's warming up to coming back. ;-)