February 17, 2012

11 Questions: Campaign Fun!

I was tagged to answer eleven questions by Jennifer Fischetto, a fellow participant in Rachael Harrie's Writers' Platform-Building Campaign. Thanks, Jennifer!

I am supposed to answer the questions below and then create eleven of my own to pass on to other campaigners. However, I've noticed most everyone has been tagged, so I'm doing something a bit different. More details after my questions.

Without further ado...

1. What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do but don't?
I'm sure my answer is skewed thanks to fighting with my blog today, but I wish I knew more HTML code!

2. If you could instantly know a foreign language (one you don't already know), which would it be?
French. There's something lyrical about it.

3. What is your first birthday memory?
It's a blur of moving boxes. We moved every 2-3 years, and almost always in the summers (my birthday is August 4). I remember some friends throwing me a going-away/birthday party in middle school.

4. If you could go back to age 21 (assuming you're legal, lol), knowing what you know now, would you?
No. If I went back to 21, which does sound alluring some days, I'd want to still live with the spirit and idealism I had back then. No reason to know what you know until you know it.

5. If you went to your prom, was it everything you hoped? And if you didn't, do you regret it?
I moved to a new city the summer before my senior year of high school. I had little to no expectations, so prom was a non-event. I went, checked if off the must-do teenage events, and had a good time with girlfriends. To me, it was the last thing standing in my way before college.

6. Would you rather: perfect health, complete wealth, or never aging?
Above all, I would want happiness, but I don't want to not answer the question. Blame the fact that I'll be 40 in August, but today I'd take never aging. Ask me tomorrow, and who knows.

7. What is your favorite TV show from childhood?
Moonlighting. I had such a crush on Bruce Willis (pretty much still do) and even named my daughter, Maddie (I loved Cybil Shepherd as Maddie Hayes).

8. Which is the best book you've read in the past year?
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I was never a nonfiction reader before, and this book opened me up to it. Also, Hunger Games, because my daughter and I enjoyed it together.

9. Which is your favorite book of all time?
Tough one. Ursula Hegi's Stones from the River. I also loved I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb.

10. Which kitchen appliance could you not live without (not including the basics, fridge, stove, and sink)?
My crock pot. I love to come home to the smell of dinner almost done.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather use an outhouse or have no electricity, forever?
My kids love the "would you rather" game. I'll have to ask them this one. I'd say use the outhouse and keep my electricity. But I'm paying someone else to clean the outhouse, that's for sure.


I have one question for people visiting my blog to keep the fun going.

I love to read a good book, but more than anything, I like a book that surprises me in some way. What's the last book that surprised you?


Jenn said...

LOL, on your last answer. I completely agree. :)

As for the last book that surprised me...hmm...maybe One For The Money by Janet Evanovich. Probably not in the way you meant the question though. I started reading it being mildly entertained. Then about half-way through it grabbed me and wouldn't let go.

Unfortunately, I don't recall a recent book surprising me plot wise. That's sad. lol

Unknown said...

I loved this. I'm stopping over from the Campaign. Cheers.

Tia Bach said...

Jennifer, I'll have to try One for the Money. That's the movie that's out now, right?

Christopher, Welcome. I'm sadly very behind in saying hi to my fellow campaigners, but I'm hoping to get caught up by reading the challenge posts!