February 10, 2012

Family Bonding, Hunger Games style

I'm so excited for March 23, 2012 and the Hunger Games movie. Usually I go into movies based on books with a great sense of trepidation. Rarely do they live up to the movie playing in my head when I'm reading the book. I still haven't gone to see The Help, because I really loved the book (even though I've heard the movie is wonderful).

Movies are only a problem if I loved the book. If my feelings were so-so, the movie usually works out fine. I loved Hunger Games, but I must admit the previews are giving me hope that the book will be well represented.

Here's the latest trailer:

And I'm lucky because my tween daughter is as excited as I am to see it (she's read all three books, I've only read the first two). As a mom, it is my privilege responsibility to see the movie first and then her (so I get to see it twice!). She didn't get to see Breaking Dawn.

I'm so glad my daughter and I share a love of reading, because I know it's a bond that will last a lifetime.

Do you get excited about books turned into movies? What was the last one you saw that was done well?


bookworm said...

I have seen too many books turned into either terrible movies (or movies that were good but really had nothing to do with the book except the title-such as I Am Legend) to really get excited about The Hunger Games. My son does not share my love of reading. I will see The Hunger Games movie if the reviews are good-otherwise I'll pass. The other movie I really hope turns out as good as the book is (believe it or not, zombies are a secret pleasure of mine) World War Z.

Nicole said...

I am excited for the Hunger Games movie! Although, I am worried the movie will disappoint because I loved the book so much. The Hunger Games are the newest set of books rippling through our office (my kids are MUCH too young for such antics). I was completely happy with Harry Potter. Since I can't even bear to finish the first Twilight book, I haven't seen any of those movies. What a special way to bond with your daughter... I hope my daughter and I have that great of a relationship when she is older.

Tia Bach said...

Alana, I love that you secretly (although not so secretly anymore) love zombies. ;-)

Nicole, My daughter is an avid reader and she wanted to read the Hunger Games. I read them first to make sure they were okay and fell in love with them myself.

I sure hope they do a good job. I hate to give up on ALL books turned into movies.

Thanks for stopping by!

Natalie Hartford said...

I can't WAIT to see the Hunger Games movie. Honestly, I am a big fan of books turned movie. I loved Twilight (hanging head and shame) and all the movies (I know...I know...but I do)! I loved the Notebook (book and movie), I can't wait to see One for the Money. I know some are a big departure from the books and some follow nearly word-for-word but if it's a book/story line I enjoy, then I usually enjoy the movie as well....

Tia Bach said...

Natalie, Good for you. I don't know exactly why I have such a hard time transitioning from book to movie. If only we lived closer, we could hit Hunger Games together and then go out for drinks and discuss how it turned out. ;-)