February 19, 2012

Just Make Art: ROW80 Check In

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad. Whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make more art. Andy Warhol

By Jack Mitchell (on Wikipedia)
I read this quote yesterday on Facebook, and it really hit me. Art is subjective, there will always be haters. I can't let fear rule the day. A little fear can be good, keep you on your toes. But letting fear take over is the death knell to art.

The trick, at least for me, is to put out my best effort. I can control the quality of the work, but I can't control others' opinions. If I had that power, I'd use it first on my children anyway. After that, the power would probably be completely exhausted.

Even the best writers have a book panned every now and again. But the dedicated ones don't let it stop them. I want to be that writer.

ROW80 Update

I didn't realize we were just past halfway for Round 1 2012 until I read Kait Nolan's post today. I need to kick some writing butt from here on out.

Writing: Sad. Although I wrote three reviews and daily posts, I only wrote 843 words on my WIP. Yesterday I was going to catch up, but my youngest daughter and I had a mommy-daughter day (my oldest girls went snow tubing with Dad). Her first request: no computer. We had a wonderful day!

I can't do wordsprints Monday or Tuesday this week, so I'm planning to get up early both days and write, write, write.

Blogging: Daily here. On Mom in Love with Fiction, I finally posted a review on Thursday for my first horror read, a collection of short stories by Carrie Green. I have two 5-star reviews coming on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Reading: Catching up. Yesterday, I posted a list of the books on my nightstand. I've had some great responses and am adding more books to my to be read pile.

Social Media: Still way behind on getting around to my fellow campaigners. The groups are really big this year, and I'm trying to pop over and read a few posts on each person's site. I'm not even halfway.

Diet & Exercise: I know I've overpacked my days when I eat like crap. No time equals bad food choices for me. I need to restructure my days and stick to a schedule. Same with exercise. I've been 50-50 on that, and it's because of poor time management.

Check out ROW80 and some great writers here.

My biggest obstacle to productivity lately is time management. What's yours? If you rocked your goals this week, please share your secret.


Wendy Jane said...

I have to say I really appreciate your opening thought. I could not agree more. To add to my problem, I still don't see my writing as art. Music, sculptures, paintings, architecture, photography, and so on, that has been my idea of art. Reading all these wonderful books and poetry has broadened my idea of art. That is what it is. But, for whatever reason, when I step back and look at my writing, I can't seem to put it in the same category. The latter half of the week has been miserable in the writing department. My inner editor is out for blood and I can't seem to shut her up and lock her away. It's smothering my muse. I'm really hoping I can unplug from everything and figure this mess out.

It sounds like you are doing very well. I'm glad to hear about the fun family time. That is always nice. Keep up the good work!

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Sounds like you've made great progress.

Julie Glover said...

Looking good, Tia! There's nothing quite like that "Oh my gosh! We're halfway!" realization to kick your butt into gear. ;)

Best wishes for a fabulous week!

Ruth Nestvold said...

Oh, no, I couldn't possibly start listing all the books on my nightstand! *g* But what a cool idea anyway. BTW, I loved The Book Thief. Amazing.

Don't worry about the new word slump too much, as long as you're moving forward with other writing projects! For a couple of *years* I concentrated so much on new words, I forgot the part where I had to revise and send the stories out ... not good. :)

Have a great week!

Brittney Van Sandt said...

Sounds like your doing good! I agree with you about the Artistic expression bit, and I like that you are still making time for your family. Glad things are going well!

alberta ross said...

having same prob. on campaign trail trying to catch up on everyone -will be over before I do:( - my TBR pile is huge but have joined various challenges to get at least some of them read this year - the book thief ,great read - sounds like its not been a bad week all told with good time for family as well - keep smiling

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

@Wendy, I had the hardest time classifying my work as art, too, but it is. We just have to say it over, and over..

@Lynda, Thanks.

@Julie, I know! Halfway, really?!?

@Ruth, Thanks. I needed to hear that.

@Brittney, Art and family. Perfect!

@Alberta, I know. I'm so far behind. Trying to catch up today and tomorrow, write a campaign challenge, and ROW80 udpate again tomorrow. Crazy!