February 21, 2012

I Know This Much is True

I met with my Tax Accountant today, and I've been wading through receipts, bank statements, and Excel spreadsheets ever since. I'm almost done and may even get to go to bed sometime before tomorrow.

Brain numb, I hopped over to BlogHer to check out the February prompts. Today's prompt: Tell us something that you believe with all your heart is true.

I am a woman of faith. I do not deny or shy away from that fact. But there are so many other people, Kate from Teaching What is Good and my mother come to mind, who can put faith into words so much better than I can.

What I do believe with every ounce of my being is that you reap what you sow. Being a good person does not always have immediate rewards, but it's the right thing to do. The world tempts us to be unfair and unkind, to be selfish, because we often get what we want faster that way. But what's worth having is worth having with a clear conscience.

I might be a bit biased today. After meeting with my Tax Accountant, I was chiding myself for being too honest. The IRS makes you want to lie. No bones about it. Lying is easier thanks to the overly complicated tax code. I want to be honest about any income I receive from writing, editing, etc, but it complicates everything.

I admit I'm a worrier. That helps keep me honest, maybe it's a tool given to me before my choices began. I often joke that I could get so much more accomplished if I simply barreled through life without any thought or consideration to others or doing what was right.

But I hold my head high. As a parent, I know my kids will do what they see me do, not what I tell them to do. Knowing they watch my every move gives me another reason to stay true to myself, to do what is right.

What do you believe with all your heart is true?


Kelly. said...

Something I believe to be true? That you deserve this:
Versatile blog award. Here be a link to the nomination:

Dawn Montgomery said...

Hugs on taxes. They make me crazy too. :D

I agree with your belief in reaping what you sow. While I do know that bad things happen to good people, the way you are remembered or touched by others can make the darkest days seem less so.

My entire military career I did the right thing. Now that I'm retiring, there are very few regrets...and most of those are from things that were out of my control. But the outpouring of support and affection by those I knew in the service makes me feel amazing.

Keep the faith, hon. And keep writing! :D


Eloise said...

I believe that what goes around eventually comes around. Eventually. It may not be soon, or come in a desirable form, or seem like enough of a payback, something - in some form - will eventually come back.

I'm also scrupulous with my taxes. My conscience bugs me otherwise. And, don't you just know that the IRS will be standing at your door if you cut corners? 8) Maybe not, but maybe so.

When in doubt, do the right thing. (Mark Twain or someone said this)

Julie Glover said...

Interesting that you posted this today. I blogged on people's last words today, and it got me thinking of how I might summarize what I believe about life. I came up with "Seek Truth. Practice Goodness." I think truth, integrity, and compassion for others matter. I am also a person of faith.

And we report everything on our taxes too.

Natalie Hartford said...

I couldn't agree more - honesty is the best policy and I also believe good things happen to good people. No I don't think in being a good person I will avoid pain, heartache, or bad things - life is life! But I believe in being a good person I feel good about me and in that strength, I can deal with anything like throws my way....
GREAT post!

Tia Bach said...

Kelly - Thanks! I hope to accept this and the Liebster award soon! I really appreciate your awards this week.

Dawn, Many thanks for your military service. Doing what's right really does have its own rewards!

Eloise, Please. The IRS, like Strep, would hunt me down. ;-) So great talking with you today. I look forward to meeting you next time I'm in NC!

Julie, I love it. Truth & Justice. Beautiful. That and your raw essence. ;-)

Natalie, I never thought about it that way, but I feel strength in doing what's right, too. Tired, but strong!