September 7, 2011

Short and Sweet: ROW80 Check In

My writing obligations are equal parts killing and thrilling me these days! Earlier today, I did my first flash fiction challenge of 200 words, ever. Please check it out here.

It's 11pm, my latest ROW80 update. It'll be short and sweet.

My progress this week:

- I've written for hours upon hours, but little on my WIP. Still, I can tell the more I write, the more words flow. I quite enjoyed this flash fiction piece. In addition, I wrote two guest posts as well as posting on my own blog.

- I've had editing challenges in my own WIP that have kept me from my other editing. Yet, I edited.

- I've spent hours visiting blogs, especially with the Campaign in full swing. It's great to see so many ROW80 participants taking part.

- I finished The Gentlemen Poet, and hope to have my review up tomorrow or Friday. The author was lovely. Hearing her passion for her book was inspiring.

- I completed all my coursework, and helped with way too much 6th, 4th and 1st grade homework.

I've had a week full of accomplishments, they just didn't follow the plan. I'll take it.

Do you sometimes find unexpected success in not following the plan?


Anonymous said...

Impressive list. I'm sure i haven't done half of that!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Madeleine! I have a little girl named Madeleine, so I love your spelling. ;-)