September 5, 2011

Revisiting the Beginning

First of all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. For all my non-US readers, I hope you are having an incredible Monday.

Fellow campaigner, Jessica Therrien, issued another challenge in the get to know you vein. Her suggestion was to post your first or favorite post. My instinct was to go with my favorite, but I wanted to see where the journey began.

My first post (originally published on 12/31/10)...

Navigating Depression Cookies
We are excited to have this medium as an interactive tool between us and readers. The tabs above should help you easily navigate the blog. In the FAQs section, both authors will respond to questions frequently posed by readers. To facilitate book clubs, something near and dear to both of our hearts, we have generated a list of suggested book club questions. The more feedback from readers, the better we can make these sections. We also have tabs to highlight upcoming news and events as well as information on how to get your copy of Depression Cookies.

We promise to post often to keep you updated about our journey. Our plan is to let you, the reader, guide these posts.

Especially important to us... this is a book about family. We want to hear your stories whether it's the Quillie in your life, the Drake of your dreams, mother-daughter experiences, the friend in need, the hardships of parenting, humorous moments, or the choices that define us. We'd love to see this blog become the place where we all share in Krista and Abby's journey.

For the most part, we have stayed true to our original vision and gone beyond. We hope readers and writers alike feel welcome here. My goal is to join two of my passions, reading and writing. Let the journey continue...
To my fellow campaigners, has your blog vision changed?


Brittany Baughman said...

I really need to revisit my own launch posts like you did here, fantastic idea!

shelley said...

Hi Tia,
I knew i saw you on the forum! Love the story from mom daughter perspectives would love to read the book, my life seems to parallel the mama's-i hopped over to the about page to find out what the book is about.. love that you are now transferring that to a site and looking for stories.
waving, your group leader,

Tia Bach said...

Shelley, Thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying the class so far.

Brittany, Thanks! My blog has really evolved from this original vision. When I looked back, I couldn't remember this post, but it still speaks to a lot of my blog.