September 29, 2011

Food Network-Style Writer Challenge: Exposing my Food Obsession

Yesterday, I was running at the gym and watching Food Network. My first thought... how unfair to be running and watching food. But I wasn't complaining when my four miles was over and I barely noticed. Clearly I'm obsessed.

I love food. Wish I didn't, but I do. I blame a mother who put out a Thanksgiving-like spread at almost every meal and greeted me at the door after school with warm cookies. Shame on you, Mom! ;-)

My favorite Food network show right now is Chopped. In case you aren't familiar with the show, four chefs are given mystery boxes containing three food items. These items are not obviously connected. Each chef must use these ingredients to deliver first an appetizer, then an entree, and finally a dessert. Each round has a different food basket. The winning chef receives $10,000.

For fun, I've reimagined the game as a writer's challenge. Enjoy...


Four writers gather in front of three book critics. After each round, a writer's laptop is unplugged and he/she is dismissed from the game.

During each round, the competing writers are given a basket with three mystery objects.

Round 1
Each writer must write a poem using the following three objects: a strawberry, a pencil, and a leaf. Time limit: 20 minutes

Round 2
The three remaining writers must write a short story using the following three objects: a dead ant, a flower, and a paintbrush. Time limit: 1 hour

Round 3
The final two writers must complete an outline and the first five pages of a novel using the following three objects: seeds, a baseball, and a stuffed panda . Time limit: 2 hours

Each week the mystery objects change, and the winner receives $10,000!

Would you participate in a televised writing challenge like this? What other types of game shows or television competitions would be fun to turn into writing games/competitions?

Have some fun with this. I did!


Christine said...

I would totally do this! It sounds like so much fun. In fact, when I was younger (around middle school age), my mom would give me a list of random words and I'd have to write a story using as many of the words as possible. I loved it!

Who knows, maybe we can start an informal (non-competitve) group to do this just for fun and writing practice :)

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Test Comment!!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Christine. I think it would be a lot of fun and great writing practice.

Thanks for your suggestions, Ramakant. I've changed my comment form and hope it helps people!

lisa said...

I am by no means a writer, even though I love to write. Does that make sense? I would so love to do a weekly or even monthly challenge like this. You should start one! How much fun!!! Please? LOL


Tia Bach said...

Thanks SO much for stopping by, Lisa. I think it woule be a fun challenge. One of these days...