September 19, 2011

Books on the Run: Guest Blog by Tara Silverthorne Carter

I am thrilled to have my sister guest posting today. On this blog, you've been introduced to my mother and co-author and my baby sister and Webmaster/Blogmaster. Tara, my lovely middle sister, does not love to read in a family of readers. But that is not to say she doesn't enjoy a good book.
Books on the Run
I admit it, I am NOT a reader. I hear myself constantly telling my children, “Go Read” but they rarely see me pick up a book. I do sit and read my USWeekly, but typically I only read over homework and notes from teachers. 
I have to say I am always interested in hearing what others are reading though. I had no idea about the Twilight Series until hearing my sisters and mom gab about it. I kept thinking, “I am missing something.”  So I tried to commit myself to reading a few chapters every night. And, I am embarrassed to admit this, I would end up drooling over the pages within minutes.
What I love to do is run. I love waking up on a Sunday morning before my family is awake and going on a 10+ mile run. It is a time where I can reflect on the week’s accomplishments, put my to-do list together, or just get caught up in my head. During one of my long marathon training runs, I decided to download Stephanie Myers’ The Host. That book took over 21 hours, but every Sunday morning I was excited about doing my long run (even the 20 milers!). I got lost in the book. I felt so good that I was able to combine working out with reading. I had found my way into the READING world!
I do not stick to one genre when it comes to downloading audiobooks. I listen to what my mom and sisters read and often download those. And, honestly, sometimes I just pick a book because the cover or the synopsis looks appealing. I have listened to books by Dean Koontz, Glenn Beck, and Jennifer Wiener. At times I like inspirational stories, scary novels and, I must admit, I love most young-adult vampire inspired novels.
I'll probably never be a part of a Book Club, but I am okay with that. I wouldn’t want to see my book any other way than what I have pictured in my head. And if listening to a book gets me excited about a long run, I've killed two birds with one stone.
Here’s to us who love books, just not in print format!
I admit... I need to embrace audio books. I'd get to "read" a lot more books that way! Thanks, Tara, for the inspiration (on books, you know where I stand on running).
Do you listen to audio books? If so, does it replace reading or enhance it?


Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I used to listen to them when I had a long commute to work. I loved it, except there were times when I'd snap out of a story to find myself more than half way to the office with no recollection of the route. Mildly dangerous, to say the least, but a great pleasure. Good for you for finding a way into the world of books!

Tia Bach said...

Joan, That would be a hazard. I've listened to a few in my life, and I need to be better about it. I'm easily distracted afraid I'd get lost in thought and stop listening, unless it was great.

Thanks for stopping by!

bookworm said...

My husband and I used to listen to audio books during long vacation drives. But a couple of years ago we bought a car outfitted with XM Radio, and the music took over. Too bad - we read a number of good books that way. It's a different level of enjoyment.

Tia Bach said...

Alana, My kids took over in my car on long drives. It's either movies playing or Disney radio. It keeps them entertained, so it's hard to complain. Still, I need to look into young audio books that even they might be interested in. ;-)