August 4, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday Too

I love birthdays. In my house, it's a birthday week not just a single day. A friend of mine recently told me a little kid came up and said it was his "birthday season"... he's my kind of fellow.

This year my husband is traveling, one of my girls is visiting my mother, and I have a doctor's appointment. So I made a very important decision, I've put off my birthday week until we are all home together. Granted I'll still turn a year older today, but my main celebration will wait.

My idea of the perfect birthday week:

From last year's birthday celebration
 * No cooking but plenty of baking (did I mention calories don't count during the birthday week?). I'd like one of those Jetsons computers where you punch in the dinner you want. Then the mess would magically disappear.

* Three daughters who exude love and affection for each other. In other words, no bickering and a house filled with random acts of kindness.

* At least one date night with my husband. I'd love dinner out, a nice dessert, and a great movie. Specifically, I'd be rather happy to see Crazy, Stupid, Love.

* Fast fingers to type all the words that will magically flow.

* Blog posts that are insightful, funny, engaging, and magically appear.

* Time to read. This includes books, blogs, tweets, magazines, etc.

* Oh, and Time, I'd like the skin, hair, body, stamina, and metabolism I had twenty years ago. If that's too greedy, I'll take what I had ten years ago.

* An abundance of wit and humor.

* Depression Cookies sales through the roof, best-seller has a nice ring to it.

These wishes are just for my birthday week. The wish-granting birthday genie doesn't tackle the big stuff like world peace, curing disease, or solving the debt problem. I asked. Feel free to help my cause by forwarding this post to my husband.

A special thank you to my mom who should be celebrating today as well. Without her, there would be no birth day to celebrate.

What would your birthday week include?


Katy Manck, MLS said...

A very, very happy birthday to you, Tia!

We always celebrate the 12 Days of Birthday - from the overseas years when grandparents' cards & packages would eventually arrive (but never on the day itself, no matter how hard they tried), and the construction years when husband/daddy would be home on the weekend (which sometimes was the day, but oftener was not).

I'm with you on wishing your mom a happy day, too - three cheers for mamas! You should have seen me sniffling a couple of years ago when my son sent me flowers on HIS birthday...

Sending virtual chocolate cake and a hug,
**Katy M
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Christine said...

I love your list! Here's hoping all your birthday wishes come true :)

Annette Gendler said...

Love your list - especially the no bickering part! Happy Birthday, Tia!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks ladies for your birthday wishes (and Katy for your chocolate cake and hug)!!