August 1, 2011

Featured on Today's The Mom Advocate Radio Show

Tune in to the The Mom Advocate Radio Show today to hear my interview: Host AnnMarie features all things mom on her Denver-based radio show.

This is my first live interview of any kind, so I have to say I'm nervous. I've listened to several of AnnMarie's previous interviews on her website. She is interesting and engaging, and I am confident she will lead me through a worthwhile piece. I will also be featured on her Real Mom TV Network on September 29th. 

A blurb from her website: " is the hub of all things MOM….whether you are concerned about your child’s eating habits, social interactions, physical fitness or your own concerns about staying connected to friends, keeping your body and mind healthy, or in need of a new wardrobe and fashion/styling advice, The Real Mom TV Network is the place to go; the mom destination where sharing stories and asking questions gives each and every mother a sense of community; where judgment and criticism is not okay but where real moms connect with other real moms who voice their opinions and receive invaluable information on all areas of motherhood and raising a healthy, happy family."

Tune in today and let me know what you think. 


Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

GREAT interview! You didn't sound nervous at all. I love the way she engages you in the interview and the sweet and encouraging dialogue between you. WONDERFUL!! Thanks, sweetie.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Kate. I was a wreck. First time doing a live interview. Ann Marie was great. I felt like she took my hand and lead me through the interview.

So glad to get some feedback. You are a dear!

Unknown said...

I just listened. You sounded great on air. Good voice. I was hoping to hear more about your book. Sorry to hear you lost a friend to anorexia, and that you move so much. You seem to handle it all well. Probably why you were so successful with working from a distance with your mom on the novel. To more interviews!

Lisa Carter said...

Good for you, Tia! How wonderful... How did this opportunity arise?

Tia Bach said...

Jackie, I agree. I needed to pull it back to the themes in the book. A good learning lesson. I was so nervous. A great learning experience.

Lisa, I should have mentioned that... through HARO! Another plug for HARO. I'll have to make mention of it in a later post. I'm doing a TV show for the same lady in September, so I'll bring it up then. Live TV (online, but still)... argh! I prefer writing to speaking.

Thanks to both of you for always showing the love!

Anonymous said...

Well there are proud Mama moments and great Papa ones, too. Hearing you with such a confident voice had us both feeling, even after all the moves and disruptions, that we must have done something right in the long run. Maybe your career should be radio and television. You shine at both!!!!

From your proud parents!

Tia Bach said...

Aw, shucks... thanks Mom and Dad!