August 11, 2011

Guilty Summer Pleasures

School is just around the corner. My kids are still sleeping late, going to bed late, and squeezing every last bit of fun out of summer. I feel blessed to have these moments with them. I know I'll never regret it, especially the day I see them driving away to college.

Summer is all about having fun and indulging, so I thought I'd share my eight guilty pleasures (eight in honor of August, also my birth month).

1. Sleeping In
I don't like wasting the day away, but there's something so sinful about waking up refreshed and close to lunchtime. It's best when hubby joins me and even a couple of kids.

2. Easy Reading
Kids are happily splashing around in the pool, so I sneak to a shady spot and crack open a good book. I like guilty reads this time of year... nothing too deep or taxing, just a great story with engaging characters. There's a reason books are labeled summer reads. My favorite go-to light read, anything Nora Roberts. I'm trying to expand, though. I recently bought Susan Mallery's Only Mine after several recommendations.

3. Caramel Popcorn
I don't want anyone telling me the number of calories in my favorite caramel popcorn. Life's too short not to occasionally indulge. I like it best hot with melted caramel oozing over the top. Even better, and more of a guilty pleasure, if I have it instead of dinner.

4. Mindless TV shows
I watch very little television. I like my books deep (except for some summer loving, see #2) and my television shows shallow. Some of my faves: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (or anything on Food Network), So You Think You Can Dance, and Pawn Stars.

5. Entertainment Magazines
I flip through and look at the pictures the first time, then I read a few articles. I'm not learning life lessons here, unless wearing a see-through top to an event with cameras is a life lesson.

6. Electronic Games
Since I'm a writer, I guess it only makes sense that I love Scrabble or any word game. Or is it because I'm a word nerd?

7. Coloring/Drawing
Sometimes the girls and I sit around and color, everything from coloring books to drawing on a blank sheet of paper. I can't draw a stick figure well, but I can make a lot of circles and color them in with different colors. The funniest thing is when I look up and I'm still coloring, but all the kids have left.

8. Kid movies
I love Tangled, Enchanted, and so many more. Thanks to my kids and summertime, I can watch all the Disney and other animated movies I want and simply blame the children.

What's your guilty pleasure?


MommaSachs said...

I love reading by the pool too. I also love going for a jog on the track at the community college this time of year. No one is around and its just my breathing, the sky and the asphalt.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks for stopping by... I love jogging too and was disappointed to be sidelined by an injury recently. Now I need to rebuild, and I hate rebuilding.