August 18, 2011

Celebrating Bad Poetry Day

Who knew there was a special day for poets like me. Yes, August 18th is Bad Poetry Day. Mom passed on many wonderful things to me, a love of reading and writing ranking high among them. But the poetry gene missed its mark. Mom is a beautiful poet as is my cousin, Marty Silverthorne. I hope to coerce him into sharing some of his poetry here at a later date.

I attempt poetry in humor or under duress. But in honor of bad poetry, I figured I should let my poetry shine.

Patty the cat rode a train
Heading nowhere with the lame
All on a trip to find a fish
And maybe even a lovely dish.
Finding none she felt alone.
And ended up with nothing but a bone.

With much effort, and as good as it gets:

I wish I was poetically inclined
Gifted with words so intertwined
Readers couldn't help but engage
As images leapt off the page.

Wait, I'm thinking the first try is a children's book, the second a song.
Maybe my bad poetry is coming along.

A quick question... in my search for grammar accuracy, I constantly run across words or phrases with two camps of correctness. Is it leapt or leaped?


lisa said...

OMG I love it! There is nothing I suck at worse than writing poetry. I haikus were the bane of my English class existance. Seriously you sound like Emily Dickinson compared to me.

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I'm totally stealing this post idea from you. I'm going to link it back to you, so I hope it's okay! :)

Kate @ Teaching What is Good said...

LOL! Poetry is NOT my thing -- but bad poetry I can do!! Thanks for sharing this HOLIDAY!

Tia Bach said...

Lisa, Thanks!! I'm looking forward to your version of Bad Poetry day.

Kate, I knew I had to do a post when I saw what day it was. Even the bad examples above took me WAY too long to write. :-)

Thanks for your support!